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Astrologer Tamara Globa named three signs of the zodiac, whose representatives will get rich in 2023. According to Globa’s forecasts, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Scorpio will be lucky with money this year. This is reported What zodiac signs will get rich in 2023 According to the astrologer, a white streak will come in the life […]

‘People often ask if they can bring something for me’ | Money

22 jan 2023 om 12:05 Every day to the super around the corner or once a week all the bargains? With the current cost crisis, we are more critical of our expenses, also in the supermarket. In the section The Bonnet every week we talk to a Dutchman about his supermarket strategy in times of […]

Why we’re looking forward to our salary this month | Money

Door Marloe van der Schrier 21 jan 2023 om 12:00 Are you also looking forward to your salary next week? That is not surprising: we have had an expensive December. And there is a good chance that you will have to wait a little longer with your salary this month than you are used to. […]

Nexo transferred different currency to a bank in Switzerland

The company that owns Nexo has made mass transactions in various currencies to a serious Swiss bank. This was reported by bTV, citing its sources in the investigation. According to the television, they are in euros, dollars, British pounds and Swiss francs. According to the sources referred to by the media, the accounts belong to […]

aktuell4u – traffic accident – beware of the active damage management

Luckily, many people rarely get into the situation of being involved in a traffic accident in their lives. As a result, as a rule, the injured party is hopelessly overwhelmed by the situation that has arisen. Insurance companies take advantage of this. The opposing liability insurance company often reports on the same day and reports […]

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Russian astrologer Tamara Globa made a financial forecast for 2023. According to Globa forecasts, sharp fluctuations in exchange rates are expected in 2023. This is reported What will happen to money in 2023 Globa predicts that in the second half of this year there will be a sharp collapse of the dollar. Photo: © […]

Donate blood, save lives – also in Uzwil

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the Samaritan Association of Wil and the surrounding area is carrying out a blood donation campaign with the blood donation SRK Ostschweiz for the population of Uzwil and the surrounding area. The event will take place in the community hall of Uzwil. Starts at 4.30pm and ends at 7.00pm. January […]

Retirees take more than workers, what is the reason?

Seniors with average pensions earn more than minimum wage earners. One report shows that on average retirees live on BGN 666.04, reported. This is 60.77 levs more than the net salary: 605.27 levs for half a million Bulgarians, who since 1 January have been insured at 780 levs, which is the minimum wage. In […]

Woori Financial Group Seeks to Acquire Daol Investment :: Maeil Business TV News

Woori Financial Holdings, which is looking to expand its non-banking portfolio, is pursuing the acquisition of Daol Investment, the venture capital (VC) of Daol Financial Group. According to Financial Industry Today (7th), Woori Financial Group submitted a letter of intent to acquire Daol Invest late last year to Daol Investment & Securities. Woori Financial is […]