Confcommercio, fears for rates and prices hold back families and businesses – Economy

Uncertainty is still holding back the recovery, with households and businesses fearing tax and price increases. This is what emerges from a Confcommercio survey, in collaboration with Metrica Ricerche, on the sentiment of households and businesses in the last months of 2021.From now to the end of the year, businesses are more optimistic (42.7%) than […]

Director of the Mexican Stock Exchange – El Financiero

The price of Facebook’s share fell 5 percent this Monday, which meant a loss of 50 billion dollars, said the general director of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), JosĂ© Oriol Bosch Par. He explained that the company operates as a holding company (manages a group of firms) and has a value in the world of […]

Jokowi Asks Staff to Beware of Covid-19 Your Variant Enters Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked his ministers to be aware of the Covid-19 variant B1621 or variant Mu. Jokowi warned ministers so that the Mu variant of the corona virus did not enter Indonesia. “I also want all of our attention to be related to transportation, Mr. Menhub, which is related to the […]

Postcovid syndromes: hair loss and why it occurs – Health

Martha Rivera recovers from covid-19 that he presented a few weeks ago and despite symptom Common causes caused by the virus have been left behind, for a few days she has noticed that her hair is falling out, to the point of worrying her because she thinks that this can be serious and irreversible. (We […]

Sensational news about the mysterious disappearance of Yanek Milanov

A year after the disappearance of Yanek Milanov from Dupnitsa, there is still no trace of him, writes “Labor“The searches of the Dyakovo dam and the area around it did not yield results, and the man in whose jeep Janek got on the night of July 31, 2020 is silent. The interrogations of Vasil Kaplanov […]

Sarthe. A call to blood donors to replenish dwindling reserves

Since the beginning of June 2021, blood reserves have been insufficient in France. La Sarthe is no exception. The French Blood Establishment (EFS) calls for the mobilization of donors. In Sarthe, blood reserves are low as for the rest of the nation. This trend started five weeks ago indicates Faouzi Iles, doctor attending the Donation […]