Huawei machine test hj76: nicochus Theorem

Author : StevenCopyright notice : Copyright belongs to the author., Commercial reproduction please contact the author for permission, Non-commercial reproduction Please indicate the source Subject description : Check the nicochus theorem, ie: Any integer Cubes can be written as Sum of consecutive odd numbers. For example: 1^3=1 2^3=3+5 3^3=7+9+11 4^3=13+15+17+19 Enter a positive integer m […]

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign launches first-of-its-kind AI in medicine certificate program

URBANA, Ill., July 8, 2021 – The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has launched a new AI in Medicine Certificate program through an interdisciplinary partnership between the department of bioengineering at The Grainger College of Engineering, the Carle Illinois College of Medicine and the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. This self-paced online certificate program […]

Georgi Markov revealed the real purpose of machine voting

Former constitutional judge and MP Georgi Markov is reflecting on the purpose of introducing machine voting in our country. He did this on his Facebook account. Here is what he wrote: Germany (technical nation) abolished machine voting. This was done by a decision of March 3, 2009 of the Federal Constitutional Court of the country, […]

Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Huge loss for a national! The support of the defense broke her arm and she is not going to the World Cup! The other two players are also finishing

Jakub Galvas during the training of the hockey team. Vlastimil Vacek, Right The absence of Galvas at the world championships can be very noticeable for the national team. The 21-year-old defender of the Finnish Yukurit presented himself in excellent preparations with confident and confident performances, but he did not finish Thursday’s fight with the Swedes […]

Why Do Trucks and Buses Mostly Use Diesel Engines?

JAKARTA, – Truck and bus is a commercial vehicle with large dimensions. Besides being great, truck and buses are also capable of carrying large loads, up to tens of tons. Has great power, trucks and buses are mostly wearing mesin diesel. Though in a power, There are also machine gasoline which has the same […]

The Singer sewing machine turns 170

Les machines Singer cousent history for 170 years. At the beginning of the XXe century, their purring made clothes for the whole family. During world conflicts, they stuck the canvases with parachutes. In 2020, they once again proved their usefulness by participating in making fabric masks. If it was a Frenchman, Barthélemy Thimonnier, who developed […]

Diffusion Plus Group invests and diversifies

While many are playing the wait-and-see card in the face of the crisis, Groupe Diffusion Plus (750 people for a turnover of 125 million euros), specializing in the printing and sending of desktop publishing and marketing communications, continues to carry out its projects. After bringing in three HP T240 HD presses at the start of […]