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Eastern Europe 6-8/2012)”> Eastern Europe 6-8/2012Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel (eds.)Berlin (BWV) 2012 [= Osteuropa 6-8/2012]560 p., 15 maps, 53 ills.Price: € 32.00ISBN: 978-3-8305-3110-4 Contents and abstracts in English contents Marija LipmanDouble polarizationFull textRussia’s divided society Vladimir Gel’manCracks in the systemRussia’s Authoritarianism 2012 Richard SakwaAnatomy of a blockageFull textStandstill in the dual state of Russia Values […]

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EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema Seek Find Order Inform Film & television, cinema items Kateryna BotanovaA place of absenceSerhij Bukovs’kyjs Film Spell Your Name(Eastern Europe 1-2/2021, S. 185??195) Alfrun KliemsCity, country, forestSpatial images in Czech film at the turn of the millennium(Eastern Europe 4-6/2021, S. 65??90) Maria EngströmRecycling the countercultureFull textThe new […]

And the father had problems

The family of the 14-month-old child hospitalized in a hospital in Italy, diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, as a result of the consumption of cow’s cheese produced by Lactate Bradet, allegedly bought the cheese on March 1, from a Romanian store from Florence, but without consuming it immediately, writes the Italian press. According to the […]

It has in view the personal car and the playgrounds

PSD deputy Aurelia Cristea, the initiator of the Anti-Smoking Law, tabled several amendments so that the meaning of the law is not changed, but also so that this vice is forbidden in the personal car if there are children or pregnant women. She also wants a ban on electronic cigarettes in playgrounds. see where electronic […]

Smoking will not decrease. The state, the merchant and the producer will lose

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Tuesday banning flavored and mentholated cigarettes. The law now depends only on the signature of President Iohannis. According to the normative act, we will find mentholated cigarettes in the store until 2019, instead the ones with flavors will officially disappear earlier, from May 20, 2017. From the same date, […]

Here is what kind of exercise tones the body in old age

High intensity interval training (HIIT) sports can reverse the process of weakening the body in old age, according to a preclinical study conducted in the United States. Research in the preclinical phase has shown that short periods of high-intensity physical activity can be recommended for the elderly, this type of exercise also has the potential […]

God wanted to make another Divertis

Ioan Gyuri Pascu was buried, on Friday, in the Evangelical Cemetery from Agnita, Sibiu County, with his mother and sister, and one of the priests who officiated the service said that Gyuri’s departure can be explained by the fact that “God wanted to -and make, up there, another Divertis group “. “My dear ones, I […]

A promising medical study could lead to a “functional cure” of HIV

Researchers at the AIDS Institute at the University of Hong Kong have announced that they may have discovered a method that would allow the “functional cure” of HIV, the virus that triggers AIDS, and that this medical achievement is based on a new type of antibody. it could be used for both prevention and treatment. […]