EAST EUROPE magazine | EASTERN EUROPE 6-8 / 2012

Eastern Europe 6-8/2012)”> Eastern Europe 6-8/2012Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel (eds.)Berlin (BWV) 2012 [= Osteuropa 6-8/2012]560 p., 15 maps, 53 ills.Price: € 32.00ISBN: 978-3-8305-3110-4 Contents and abstracts in English contents Marija LipmanDouble polarizationFull textRussia’s divided society Vladimir Gel’manCracks in the systemRussia’s Authoritarianism 2012 Richard SakwaAnatomy of a blockageFull textStandstill in the dual state of Russia Values […]

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema Seek Find Order Inform Film & television, cinema items Kateryna BotanovaA place of absenceSerhij Bukovs’kyjs Film Spell Your Name(Eastern Europe 1-2/2021, S. 185??195) Alfrun KliemsCity, country, forestSpatial images in Czech film at the turn of the millennium(Eastern Europe 4-6/2021, S. 65??90) Maria EngströmRecycling the countercultureFull textThe new […]

Erdogan is seriously ill and already …

The American edition of Foreign Policy believes that Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan will not be able to run for president in 2023. Their material includes video and other evidence of the poor state of politics. “Obviously, the time of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the political arena is over,” the paper said. “He […]

America, the friend no one wants anymore? Little difference between Biden and Trump

22 Sep 2021 – 2:00 a. m. Analysts believed that President Joe Biden would repair his country’s transatlantic ties, but his behavior revealed something different. US President Joe Biden could not have had a more complicated debut in the United Nations General Assembly. His Tuesday speech was supposed to be the Democrat’s chance to remind […]

Women’s protests in Afghanistan: women at the negotiating table

Negotiations with the Taliban? Only if women are involved and their rights are protected. We owe that to the courageous demonstrators. Afghan women protest for their rights in Kabul Photo: Reuters The courage of women is breathtaking. A good two dozen of them demonstrated for their rights in the Afghan capital Kabul on Friday and […]

NSDC approved the foreign policy strategy of Ukraine

Photo: rnbo.gov.ua NSDC approved the strategy of foreign policy of Ukraine The document defined the goal of foreign policy – the establishment of Ukraine in the world as a strong and authoritative European country. The National Security and Defense Council approved the strategy of Ukraine’s foreign policy. This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry […]

Unprecedented violence. Afghanistan after the USA

The future of the Islamic republic has turned out to be among the world’s major foreign policy problems. In Afghanistan in the background the exit of a foreign military contingent The Taliban terrorist organization is stepping up its onslaught on government forces. The level of violence against civilians has grown unprecedentedly, almost half of the […]