Corona pandemic: Ibiza is apparently sealed off

Corona pandemic: Ibiza is apparently sealed off | Status: January 22nd, 2021 9:43 pm The pandemic situation in Ibiza has worsened since December, now the regional government is pulling the rip cord: The island is to be sealed off from Saturday until the end of the month, media reports. The Spanish holiday island of […]

Pandemic in Germany: Corona exhaustion

The Chancellor has seldom been as present as in the corona pandemic – and yet the satisfaction of the population with the crisis management is falling. It would help to admit mistakes made. A comment by Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio “Please join in! Don’t let up now!” Health Minister Jens Spahn has also tried […]

Corona policy: “An imposition” |

After a year of the corona crisis, it is becoming clear how much the pandemic is pushing an experienced politician like the Chancellor to the limit. At least politically: The “human factor” suddenly becomes decisive. An analysis by Corinna Emundts, This virus, yes the pandemic, is one “unreasonable imposition”, said the Chancellor in her […]

Corona pandemic summit: EU countries want to slow down travel

The mutations of the coronavirus are causing the EU a major headache. National border controls, like at the beginning of the pandemic, were again under discussion to contain them – but the EU members want to keep the borders open. In the fight against the corona pandemic, the 27 EU countries want to further restrict […]

Corona school resolutions: Federal government demands strictness from the states

After some federal states are pulling out again, the federal government is calling for a restrictive implementation of the extended school closings decided yesterday. When it comes to border controls, they want to talk to their EU partners first. The federal government has asked the federal states to adhere to the agreements of the federal-state […]

Probably the first case in Germany: death after a second corona infection

In Baden-Württemberg, a man died for the first time after being infected again with the coronavirus. This was confirmed by the State Health Office in Stuttgart at the request of WDR, NDR and SZ. By Florian Flade and Markus Grill, WDR / NDR According to the State Health Office, the 73-year-old man from the Freudenstadt […]

Dutch aid affair: systematic hunt down of the weak

The resignation of the Dutch government can only be a start for the victims of the “aid affair”. They sense a step that is particularly effective in the media and urge further clarification. By Ludger Kazmierczak, WDR-Studio Den Haag A “blue letter” from the rounded service, the Dutch tax office, turned Janet Ramesar’s life upside […]

Federal-state meeting on Corona: Experts are pushing for tightening

Before their meeting, Chancellor Merkel and the country leaders sought advice from experts. Your vote is clear: not only to extend lockdown, but also to tighten it. By Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio Having to make important decisions while flying blind: Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers faced this difficult task when they posted […]

Corona pandemic in Uruguay: “Inequality is becoming visible again”

For the first time in 15 years there are soup kitchens in Uruguay. In the Corona crisis, many residents are dependent on food donations. However, support does not come from the state, but from neighbors. Peter Sonnenberg and Verena von Schönfeldt, SWR When Jaqueline Recalde leaves home, she still doesn’t know how many food donations […]