The Supreme Court leaves the ban on guns in New York bars and subways in effect

The highest court in the United States confirms the anti-gun law passed this summer 2022 by the state of New York. The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday (January 11) upheld a New York State law limiting the right to bear arms in “sensitive placeslike Times Square, or even schools, bars and hospitals. This the law […]

Former CFO of the Trump Organization sentenced to 5 months in prison

Allen Weisselberg was also fined two million dollars on Tuesday. Trump’s family business was already convicted of tax evasion last December. Former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion, was sentenced on Tuesday (January 10) in New York to five months in prison and a fine of more than […]

Six-year-old boy arrested after seriously shooting mistress

The Newport News, Virginia, police chief said it was “not an accidental shooting.” The thirty-year-old teacher’s days are in danger. A six-year-old boy was arrested on Friday, January 6 in the United States after shooting his elementary school teacher in the classroom, seriously wounding her, according to police. The tragedy, which occurred at Richneck Elementary […]

A “miraculous” Russian opponent in New York

Par Maurin Picard Posted 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago US-based Dmitry Krymov (here, in Moscow in March 2021) had opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Artyom Geodakyan / Tass / ABACA STORY – Playwright Dmitry Krymov escaped a suspicious fire. For lack of evidence, Washington refrains from accusing the Russian services. New York […]

Rishi Sunak faces implosion of healthcare system

Nurses go on strike December 15 in Liverpool to demand wage increases. PA Photo/ABACA According to one study, between 300 and 500 patients die each week in the emergency room because they are not treated on time. From our correspondent in London The stories are chilling, they seem to come from countries at war or […]

New York State allows human composting

By Le Figaro Published 2 hours ago, Update 26 minutes ago This human compost can be used especially for planting trees or flowers. Marina Lohrbach / It is the sixth US state to legalize this process, which remains banned in France. New York State became the sixth U.S. state on Saturday, Dec. 31, to […]

New York State allows human composting

It is the sixth US state to legalize this process, which remains banned in France. New York State became the sixth U.S. state on Saturday, Dec. 31, to legalize human composting, following clearance from its Democratic governor Kathy Hochul. This process, also callednatural organic reduction“, is presented as more responsible for the environment and consists […]

America crippled by ‘storm of the century’

STORYTELLING – The white hell that engulfed the country at Christmas caused the deaths of about fifty people. In New York America is slowly emerging, haggard, from the worst blizzard in half a century. Originating in the Pacific Northwest, Storm Elliott traversed the Rocky Mountains and Midwest from Washington State to Ohio before arriving, its […]