The actor recognizes his love for spicy modeActress dumbfounded, “has not broken up in 2 years”, the busty female coach becomes a junior and also shoots sex movies

Wu Baoqi recognizes that he loves Zhang Peile, but he breaks the ground. (Picture/Retrieved from IG/k_p0k1, charlottecheung107) A+ A- Hong Kong’s 29-year-old male star Wu Po-ki is a member of the men’s group “ERROR”. Recently, it has been reported that he was in love with Zhang Pei-le (Salad), the goddess of housekeeping, and the woman […]

Rabbi Amram on the ladder

The Talmud tells of how Rabbi Meir used to scoff at sinners (Kiddushin 81a). One day Satan appeared to him as a woman on the other side of the river, and since there was no ferry to cross, he grabbed the dock line and walked over. When he reached the middle, that one (Satan) left […]

Corona pandemic: Indonesia vaccinates the younger ones first

Indonesia plans to vaccinate two thirds of its 270 million residents over the next 15 months. Unlike in the rest of the world, however, the younger ones between the ages of 18 and 59 should be vaccinated first. By Lena Bodewein, ARD Studio Singapore With a smile, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo rolls up his sleeve […]

Kleve: Facebook is hot for the “denn Bur üt Kleef”

Kleve Farmer Michael Hövelmann regularly shoots films with “Döntjes van vrugger” in his fields. The internet is crazy about it. Ejftfs Nboo jtu xjf fjof Obuvshfxbmu; ‟Lpnnfo tf sfjo- tfu {fo tf tjdi ijo- jdi ibc bmmft wpscfsfjufu / Xbu xpmmfo Tjf xjttfo @ Xjf bmu jdi cjo @ Pefs kb; bmmft wpo Bogboh bo […]

Corona crisis: the car market in Russia is not shrinking much

In the Corona crisis year 2020, the car market in Russia held up better than in many other countries, with sales falling by 9.1 percent compared to 2019. In the largest country in the world in terms of area, 1.599 million new cars were sold between January and December, announced the Association of European Businesses […]

CDU leader Kramp-Karrenbauer: The powerless

With the election of the new party leader on Saturday, Kramp-Karrenbauer’s hapless time at the top of the CDU ends. The Saarland woman managed to pacify the party – but she was never able to fulfill the wish for a strong leadership. By Kirsten Girschick, ARD capital studio When Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer took up the office […]

Corona pandemic: increased search for mutations

The particularly contagious mutations of the coronavirus are spreading further: the British variant has now been detected in 50 countries. Only a few samples are still being examined in more detail; the EU wants to change that. The EU states want to expand the search for mutations of the corona virus. This was announced by […]