After Germany, Spain has now also completed a vaccination program: …

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Photo: EPA-EFE Spain will start a large-scale campaign in January to inoculate the population with a vaccine against the corona virus. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced this on Sunday. According to Sanchez, a “very substantial part” of the 47 million Spaniards could be vaccinated in the first quarter […]

National team: Jürgen Klopp’s contract is Joachim Löw’s insurance

Jürgen Klopp can imagine taking over the national team. Not currently, however. Jürgen Klopp can look forward to a presidium meeting calmly. From Tilmann flour Joachim Löw can then still not be quite sure whether he can really look after the German team during the EM next year. After the 6-0 draw in Seville, it […]

Messi’s war with Barcelona continues. I’m tired of me for everything, he complains

Barcelona football captain Lionel Messi is tired of being allegedly blamed for all the problems in the Catalan club. The star Argentine footballer reacted to the criticism of the former agent of his teammate Antoine Griezmann, to whom Messi allegedly complicates life in the club. Eric Olhats said in an interview with France Football that […]

Coronavirus found in Danish minks turned out to be a real “bomb”

The Danish mink has put a serious pig on humanity. The new coronavirus mutation, first discovered on a farm in North Jutland, was the first significant mutation to alter the properties of SARS-CoV-2. Norok were liquidated en masse, although later they apologized. Alas, the new strain is more infectious and presumably more aggressive. The saddest […]

The Germans did not catch such a debacle for 89 years, the Spaniards scored six goals

Spain’s footballers crushed Germany 6-0 in a direct battle to advance to the League of Nations final tournament. The 20-year-old striker Ferran Torres scored a hat-trick, and the Germans collected the highest loss since 1931, when they lost the same result in a preparatory match with Austria. The Spaniards decided in Seville to win unequivocally […]

Debate about corona tests: the price of the pandemic

Dhe life with the pandemic is exhausting because it is permanently overwhelming. Also because Corona has not one, but many speeds. Because how does the following fit together? The federal states will reopen schools after the summer holidays, with different rules, but with a hint of hope that learning will soon be normal again. In […]