Arrival of Czech Republic’s House of Representatives Speaker to Taiwan; Adamova’s Attention-Grabbing White and Green Attire in Politics Highlighted in Liberty Times Newsletter

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Czech Republic, Adamova, arrived in Taiwan this afternoon, and was personally greeted by President of the Legislative Yuan You Xikun, Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie and others. (Photographed by reporter Fang Bin) [Reporter Yang Chengyu/Taipei Report]The Speaker of the Czech House of Representatives, Adamova, led a delegation […]

The new president of the Czech Republic is preparing his first visit

In the first 100 days after taking office on March 9, the newly elected Czech president Peter Pavel will visit the capitals of all neighboring countries, as well as Brussels and Kyiv. This was reported by Czech Radio. “During the first 100 days after assuming office, Pavel will visit all neighboring countries of the Czech […]

“There will be no good films.” CT did not raise the fee. Director Marhoul warns

03/03/2023 22:35 | From networks Since, according to director Václav Marhoul, “politicians are afraid to somehow increase” concession fees by 15 crowns, according to him, this will mean that “simpler films” will be made. “Absolutely absurd,” he assessed for Czech Radio, that because of this Czech Television (ČT) had to cut back and announced the […]

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

This is how the newly elected president answered the broadcasting company’s question whether the Czech Republic and its allies are ready to support Ukraine “as much as necessary”. “We have to hope for the best. But it’s even better to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. It doesn’t mean we have to give them a higher […]

Michaela Pavlátová’s film Moje slunce Mad received the French César award

The co-produced film by Czech director Michaela Pavlátová Moje slunce Mad received the prestigious César award of the French film academy for the best feature-length animated film. The organizers announced this at Friday’s awards ceremony in Paris. The film, which was a Czech-French-Slovak co-production, beat in its category, for example, the film Mikulášovy patálie: How […]

A harsh verdict and the Czech economy as a deterrent example

In the fourth quarter of last year, only two European economies remained below the level of 2019, in addition to the Czech Republic and Spain. Both were still behind by 0.9 percent of GDP. The performance of the Iberian economy, however, was evaluated more favorably by experts from Brussels. “The slowdown in inflation in the […]

Elimination from the Olympics? The Russian boxer planted his own sport

Russia’s war against Ukraine appears to be only a powerful catalyst. The amateur boxing steamship began to tilt a few years ago. It could result in the creation of a new boxing association that will oppose the current International Boxing Association IBA. Behind everything is the former Russian boxer, promoter, today IBA president Umar Nazarovich […]