A promising medical study could lead to a “functional cure” of HIV

Researchers at the AIDS Institute at the University of Hong Kong have announced that they may have discovered a method that would allow the “functional cure” of HIV, the virus that triggers AIDS, and that this medical achievement is based on a new type of antibody. it could be used for both prevention and treatment. […]

Minted and flavored cigarettes are prohibited. Since we won’t find them in stores

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Tuesday the draft law of the Government which provides for the prohibition of cigarettes that have aromatic capsules in the filter and of the mentholated ones. They are to be banned from being sold in stages, until 2019. Specifically, menthol cigarettes will be able to be sold until 2019. […]

The technique used brings hope, but also concern

The birth of the first child conceived with the help of a new experimental technique that allowed inheriting DNA from three “parents”, two women and a man, in order to avoid the transmission of a serious illness, raises hopes, but also ethical and scientific questions. This fertilization technique aims to eliminate or minimize mitochondrial abnormalities […]

Doctors are calling on Nature to rid the capital of a plant that is dangerous to health

The Romanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology has launched the “Attention to Ambrosia!” Campaign, which draws attention to the health problems caused by this plant. Its pollen causes various forms of respiratory allergies, some severe, and which in recent years have spread rapidly, including in all neighborhoods of the capital and neighboring towns. Through […]

From asthma to diabetes

We often hear that “the disease mainly affects the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.” But what do pre-existing conditions mean? And why are they so dangerous in the case of coronavirus? Our immune system is a true miracle: it does an excellent job every day, being responsible for protecting the body against dangerous intruders, […]

Attend a free conference on lifestyle medicine and education

Today we are bombarded with information from all directions, which leads to a lot of confusion about what really helps us to be healthy, to live better and longer. Is it better to run a marathon or do yoga? Do we have to eat organic meat or tofu? When it comes to nutritional supplements, is […]

You have children, you live longer

Men and women who have at least one child have a “lower risk of death” compared to non-parents, according to a study of nearly 1.5 million subjects, published Tuesday Fathers are better off in this regard, says the Swedish team of scientists in the “Journal of Epidemiology Community Health”, informs AFP. The researchers studied the […]