Airplane sensor reveals nitrogen levels to farmers

pte20220114015 Environment/Energy, Products/Innovations University of Illinois’ new hyperspectral system scans fields in record time as it flies over them Fields: Sensors determine the correct nitrogen requirement (Photo: Urbana-Champaign (pte015/1/14/2022/11:30) – University of Illinois researchers have developed a hyperspectral sensor mounted under an airplane that tells farmers how much nitrogen fertilizer to apply to […]

John Deere introduces the self-driving tractor. In production this year

At the Ces in Las Vegas, the historic agricultural vehicle company brings artificial intelligence that allows the new tractors to carry out work in the fields independently. In production by 2022 If smart cars with autonomous and connected driving are now the masters at Ces in Las Vegas, one of the largest producers of agricultural […]

Less stress for farm animals | – news

As of: 12/27/2021 8:05 a.m. Scientists from the Dummerstorf Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology can now measure how stressed a farm animal is in the fur of the animals. The researchers detect the stress hormone cortisol in the animals’ hair. The keeping conditions of farm animals and the subject of animal welfare have moved […]

victorious farmers raise the camp after a year of protests

Published on : 11/12/2021 – 11:43 After the decision of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to accede to new demands of the farmers demonstrating for a year against the agrarian reforms of the government, the demonstrators present in the vicinity of New Delhi ended up breaking camp. Thousands of Indian farmers were packing their […]

The campaign has started – La Terre de Chez Nous

Posted on: December 10, 2021 Winter is the traditional period for carrying out compulsory prophylaxis by blood sampling for suckler cattle farms and analysis on tank milk for dairy cattle farms. The organization and monitoring of bovine prophylaxis are delegated to the GDS by the DDETSPP. The management, in the event of unfavorable results, is […]

Brazil: the “agricultural mafia” assault the Rondônia forest

Published on : 03/12/2021 – 14:30 Encouraged by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and the local authorities who wish to see the development of intensive agro-industrial exploitation, a veritable “agricultural mafia” is seizing the Amazon. In Rondônia state, organized groups are setting up settlements of small peasants, sometimes the size of a city, within national forest […]

Solar parks eat up arable land: farmers are losing large areas

Protest is taking shape in many regions – for a variety of reasons. The head of the Brandenburg Environment and Nature Conservation Union (BUND), Carsten Preuss, told the Niederlausitz online portal: “Now a race for arable land has begun. However, using arable land for huge solar parks is the wrong way to go. Instead, the […]

a first outbreak in breeding detected in the North of France

France has spotted an outbreak of avian flu in a poultry farm in the Nord department, the first breeding outbreak identified since last winter’s epizootic, the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Saturday. As a result, it is losing its “free” status from bird flu, the ministry told AFP. This can have consequences for the export […]