EAST EUROPE magazine | EASTERN EUROPE 6-8 / 2012

Eastern Europe 6-8/2012)”> Eastern Europe 6-8/2012Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel (eds.)Berlin (BWV) 2012 [= Osteuropa 6-8/2012]560 p., 15 maps, 53 ills.Price: € 32.00ISBN: 978-3-8305-3110-4 Contents and abstracts in English contents Marija LipmanDouble polarizationFull textRussia’s divided society Vladimir Gel’manCracks in the systemRussia’s Authoritarianism 2012 Richard SakwaAnatomy of a blockageFull textStandstill in the dual state of Russia Values […]

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema Seek Find Order Inform Film & television, cinema items Kateryna BotanovaA place of absenceSerhij Bukovs’kyjs Film Spell Your Name(Eastern Europe 1-2/2021, S. 185??195) Alfrun KliemsCity, country, forestSpatial images in Czech film at the turn of the millennium(Eastern Europe 4-6/2021, S. 65??90) Maria EngströmRecycling the countercultureFull textThe new […]

Dancing Against Capitalism | The mail

Dancing is often thought of as a hedonistic activity that provides a temporary disconnect from problems, but in reality You can dance thinking and, in fact, in the history of musical styles designed to shake bodies, there is no shortage of those that also aspired to shake consciences. For example, Electronic Body Music or EBM […]

Birkenstocks from Birkin Bags – criticism of capitalism or viral nonsense?

AEven in fashion, the perfect crime sometimes requires an accomplice. But the murderous plot of the New York artist collective MSCHF scared off even the toughest leather craftsmen. Cut up four “Birkin Bags” from Hermès and use the fine scraps to make Birkenstock-like sandals? No thanks. “It was pretty hard to find someone who wanted […]

Johnson: Capitalism and greed have brought Britain success with vaccines

In November, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson PHOTO: Reuters Capitalism and greed have brought Britain success in vaccinating the population, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told lawmakers in a closed-door meeting, praising pharmaceutical companies for developing vaccines in record time, Reuters reported. Johnson’s comment, reported by The Sun, was made by him at a […]

The mother of all entertainment industry battles: Sega vs. Nintendo

VALENCIA. The story is known. In the 80s they could be very naive and wear shoulder pads, but they knew that in the future everything would be computers. Many children started going to computer classes and Spectrum was sold at the tip of the bucket. This was the people’s computer, with its limited color palette, […]

COMMENT. The filibusters of capitalism

Get rich! Faithful to the formula of Guizot, the finance minister of Louis-Philippe, they want cash. Very quickly and without bothering with principles. The Wolves of Wall Street are back. And not just in New York. Two hedge funds have just entered the capital of French Danone. The English Blue Bells and the American Artisan […]

In Brazil, a giant vulva sculpture installed on a hill

It took eleven months of work to achieve it: a vulva 33 meters long, 16 meters wide made up of an excavation six meters deep. This gigantic sculpture, named Diva, by visual artist Juliana Notari was installed in Brazil at the end of last week in the artistic and botanical park Usina de Arte, in […]

Capitalism in its course … (neue-deutschland.de)

On the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, GDR citizens wait for the welcome money: Photo: IMAGO IMAGES / SVEN SIMON On the historic weekend in November 1989, we weren’t even in Berlin, but we saw the “Tagesschau” anyway and couldn’t believe our eyes: people were standing around on the wall, pushing through […]

End of US eviction moratorium: fear of tenants in New York City

A moratorium ends on December 31st in the USA. So far, it has protected people who have been unable to pay their rent because of the pandemic. New York, the city of tenants, not just the skyscrapers Photo: David Delgado / reuters NEW YORK taz | One of the few positive side effects of the […]