Legislative. Christian Jacob, the boss of LR, says he is “optimistic”

Christian Jacob said this Monday, May 23, 2022 ” optimistic “ for the June legislative elections, which according to him should mark a “rebound in favor of the Republicans” after the presidential debacle. “I who am on the ground, I feel that there can be a rebound in favor of the Republicans, our candidates meet … Read more

China. Pope Francis talks about the “complicated” life of Catholics in the country

Pope Francis said this Sunday May 22, 2022 follow “carefully” the ” problems “ et “the often complicated existence” Catholics in China. “I pray for them every day”, the Pope also declared to the public gathered in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. François took the opportunity to ensure ” one more time “ the … Read more

Caen. Extras aged 16 to 80 wanted for the film “Golden hands” by Isabelle

Actors or novices, extras are sought for a film in the calvadosto Caen et Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. The filming of the feature film hands of gold, directed by Isabelle Mergaultwill take place from June 9 to 17, 2022. Several profiles are sought, “men and women aged 18 to 80 to represent the regulars of a village restaurant”walkers … Read more

Total eclipse. Images of the “Blood Moon” that lit up the sky last night

The bravest attended a very beautiful spectacle on the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, 2022. This Monday around 5:29 a.m., the Moon thus turned red in the starry sky. A phenomenon which occurs approximately twice a year but which is not always observable in France. The last total lunar eclipse had … Read more

Tonight, on France 2, “Les Effrontées”, the history of female cinema

Les Effrontées – Female cinema is a collection of four documentaries that questions the relationship of French cinema to women: the low place given to them from the beginning, the past or future battles to remedy it, the representation of women on screen and the evolution of look at these questions. From the forgotten pioneers … Read more

Series. “State of Happiness”, a sentimental drama on a black gold background to see on arte.tv

In 1969, in the small town of Stavanger, Norway, we closely follow the activity of the platform offshore Ocean Viking. After years of prospecting, the oil companies are throwing in the towel. Jonathan Kay, lawyer for Philips Petroleum, is dispatched from the United States to close the well. On the spot, some try to convince … Read more

MAINTENANCE. Legislative: would a union of the left really be “historic”?

The left-wing forces, led by the Insoumis, hope to sign a vast alliance in view of the legislative elections then that we celebrate this May 3 the 86th anniversary of the victory of the Popular Front in the legislative elections of 1936. Discussions continue with the Socialist Party (PS)but an agreement has already been reached … Read more

“When you have to say things to each other, you don’t hesitate”: in Angers, these students vote for

“There is only good humor here. » With a smirk, Baptiste Cavallo, student in BTS agronomy, plant production at the Pouillé campus, is comfortably installed in the living room. At his side, Bosco Barré, from Rambouillet (Yvelines), Charles Chevalier from Chinon (Indre-et-Loire), and François Rabouan, from Baugeois (Maine-et-Loire), also students in the same BTS. All … Read more

Presidential 2022: the antenna of “France Inter” again temporarily hacked

The antenna of France Inter was hacked again on Sunday evening in the second round of the presidential electionwe learned from the station. “We have been hacked again”indicated the station, contacted by theAFP. She added that she was “alert by tweets”. “We are in contact with the Arcom [le régulateur de l’audiovisuel, ex-CSA] to check … Read more

Climate change could ‘radically reshape bee communities’

More bees small in size and fewer bumblebees. This is one of the unexpected effects of climate change on wildlife, according to a study published Wednesday April 20, 2022, which warns of the effects « en cascade » on pollination and throughout the ecosystem. In the United States, scientists trapped and studied more than 20,000 … Read more