The Top News of Today: 5th of 51

Today is Tuesday March 21 and these are the main news of the day: 1. Catcher Iván Prieto, from the Cuban team that participated in the World Baseball Classic in Miami, did not board the plane that took his team to Havana, according to reports from various media and specialized journalists. Prieto, 26, was not […]

How is Russia secretly winning in Georgia?

However, Georgians continue to resist, and the more Georgia’s Western partners support the Georgian people and perceive what is happening as a Russian gray zone operation in which the Kremlin is currently winning, the more likely they will be able to prevent a fatal outcome for democracy and the stability of Georgia and the entire […]

“Losers, watch your country”: Georgian Prime Minister responded to Ukrainian politicians

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili called Ukrainian politicians who supported the protests in Tbilisi “losers” and advised them to “look after their country.” He said it on national television, reports Echo of the Caucasus. Garibashvili believes that if “a person who is fighting finds time to comment on a destructive action involving several thousand people […]

In Russia, there was talk of a Georgian Maidan

“It is very similar to the Maidan in Kyiv.” The words are from a comment by the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov from his interview for Channel One. “The recent events in Georgia are very similar to the Kyiv Maidan, as the situation surrounding the draft law on foreign agents was only a pretext […]

The Georgian Parliament rejects the controversial draft law on the classification of non-governmental organizations

Today, Friday, the Georgian parliament rejected the controversial bill on the classification of non-governmental organizations. Yesterday, Thursday, the Georgian president saluted “the demonstrators’ victory over the government” after the law was withdrawn by the country’s ruling party. Before the parliament’s response, the ruling party had announced the withdrawal of a bill threatening the work of […]

“Georgia” protests withdrawing the law “Foreign Agent” completed within 2 days

Chao Dream PartyGeorgia (The Georgian Dream party) announced that the government is preparing to withdraw the draft.foreign agent lawunconditionally citing the need to reduce social clashes Those who disagree with the bill include:Salome Surabichvili president of georgia Compare this law with the law.RussiaIn 2012 used to control people who dissent due tobillIt required Georgia organizations […]

US urges both sides of Georgian protests to avoid violence

Thursday 09 March 2023 03:19 Photo: US State Department warns both sides of Georgia against violence (GettyImages) The US State Department issued an appeal to the Georgian authorities to respect freedom of peaceful assembly and warned both sides against escalation and violence during the protests. He said that Washington was concerned about the bills on […]

Protests in Tbilisi continue for another night

The protests in the Georgian capital Tbilisi continues for another nightAP reported. The situation in front of the Georgian parliament escalated after a group of radical youth tried to break through the iron gates of the buildingbehind which are hundreds of police and riot officers. At least 76 people have been detained so far. After […]

Thousands of Georgians Protest ‘Foreign Agents’ Law | Abroad

08 mrt 2023 om 06:25Update: 31 minuten geleden Thousands of people took to the streets in Georgia on Tuesday to protest a bill aimed at curbing the influence of “foreign agents”. Opponents fear the law could be used to silence government critics. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. Violence was […]