Could Russia take over Belarus by force? – Opinions – News

What scenarios for Belarus could be in Russia’s “arsenal”, how much resources would Putin be willing to spend in support of Lukashenko? And finally, could Russia decide on such a radical step as the takeover of Belarus by force? In the video podcast created by the Center for Eastern European Policy Studies (APPC) “Foreign Policy. […]

“Cyber ​​partisans” hacked the website of the National Archives of Belarus “Cyber ​​partisans” hacked the website of the National Archives of Belarus The website of the National Archives of Belarus was hacked on Saturday, it posted news about the political activities of the ex-presidential candidate and … RIA Novosti, 10.10. 2020-10-10T23:23 2020-10-10T23:23 2020-10-10T23:23 protests in Belarus svetlana tikhanovskaya alexander lukashenko European Union Angela Merkel germany […]

A video of Tikhanovskaya’s first conversation with her husband in four months has been published A video of Tikhanovskaya’s first conversation with her husband in four months has been published The TV channel “360” published a fragment of a conversation between ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her husband Sergei, who is under arrest. RIA Novosti, 10.10.2020 2020-10-10T21:34 2020-10-10T21:34 2020-10-10T23:02 alexander lukashenko Belarus Lithuania svetlana tikhanovskaya emmanuelle macron cycle of […]

Russia returns to Belarus: what next? – Opinions – News

Russia’s statement on Tihanovskaya ad search returns Russia among the active participants in the crisis in Belarus and comes as a reminder of which hands hold the key to resolving the situation in the neighboring country. Analyzing the move more broadly, this could indicate several things. First, Russia signals a “no” to Lukashenko’s deputies. Despite […]

Russia has announced a search for Svetlana Tikhanov – Abroad – News

According to a source aware of the situation in law enforcement agencies, Tihanovskis was initially announced in Belarus, but she will also be wanted in Russia, because it is about her international search. In Belarus, Tihanovska has been accused of endangering the country’s national security. Tikhanovsky is currently in Europe. She was forced to leave […]

Estonia will also refer its ambassador to Belarus – Abroad – for consultations

Lithuania and Poland took such a step on Monday in response to Belarus’ decision on October 2 to recall their ambassadors to both countries. The Minsk decision, in turn, was taken in response to European Union (EU) sanctions against Belarusian officials accused of electoral fraud and human rights abuses. The Belarussian authorities also demanded that […]

Tikhanovsky asks Merkel for help – Abroad – News

Tikhanovsky presented Merkel with an umbrella in Belarusian national white-red colors. After 45 minutes of conversations with Merkel, Tikhanovska issued a statement reiterating that the relentless protests in Belarus “are not a fight against Russia or Europe”, but are a consequence of the crisis caused by the falsification of the results of the presidential election. […]