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JPMorgan’s own goal in European football

Maybe JPMorgan Chase is too rich and powerful to care. They certainly caught him off guard. Presumably, executives in Europe failed to warn bosses in New York that the multibillion-dollar plan to change the face of European football, to the benefit of the owners of around a dozen super-rich clubs, risked starting a storm. politics. […]

Europe must not narrow its view to China and Russia

Europe In dealing with China and Russia on matters of democracy, the EU is still trying to achieve change through rapprochement. (Photo: dpa) No foreign policy strategy is so romantically glorified in Europe as the concept of promoting internal change in China and Russia through economic rapprochement. An innovative idea during the Cold War has […]

Blockade in Suez Canal hits global economy like a stroke

Berlin, Zurich The ongoing blockade of the Suez Canal, along with other disruptions in global supply chains, is becoming a problem for the global economy, which is still ailing from the pandemic. Companies in Europe in particular will be hit hard. “This is a low blow for the global economy,” says Mark Szakonyi, “the blockade […]


Like the Terrans, the blue planet was in a hurry to turn the page of the year 2020. It therefore turned faster than usual. Last year, the days lasted an average of 0.05 milliseconds less than usual. Scientists anticipate an identical scenario for the year2021. However, a day is supposed to last 24 hours, or […]

Edgar Morin: “Feel the community of destinies of all humanity more than ever”

Confined, he says he felt “Psychically projected into permanent communication and communion” with the world to which he remains virtually connected. He who has always lived fully, whose century of existence is made up of perpetual displacement and political and intellectual commitments. Born in 1921, Edgar Morin, sociologist, philosopher, “Humanologist”, he says, world famous writer, […]

Is the world economically too dependent on China?

DECRYPTION – The epidemic of coronavirus has caused an unprecedented situation which poses, both among economists and in the corridors of Bercy, the question of the functioning of our economy. In Beijing, in front of the deserted shops of a shopping center. The coronavirus is a “Game changer” in globalization, in the words of the […]