And the father had problems

The family of the 14-month-old child hospitalized in a hospital in Italy, diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, as a result of the consumption of cow’s cheese produced by Lactate Bradet, allegedly bought the cheese on March 1, from a Romanian store from Florence, but without consuming it immediately, writes the Italian press.

According to the website of the publication Il Tirreno from Tuscany, which cites medical sources from the Meyer hospital, where the child is hospitalized, the cheese was bought on March 1, but was consumed later. The child’s father, who also ate the product, also complained of abdominal pain, writes

The quoted source mentions that the child’s condition worsened within 24 hours, after he consumed the cheese, the first symptom being abdominal pain.

“We should not be surprised that no one thought in the first moments that it could be a serious disease, such as hemolytic uremic syndrome. This disease begins with diarrhea. But the condition worsens quickly, because the child actually ate a cheese. Contaminated with cow dung, of course, the authorities have to carry out the necessary tests, but Escherichia coli does not appear alone in the cheese, so something happened.

We can assume that the bacterium got into the cheese because of the milk, contaminated when it was milked. We assume that it was a question of poor hygiene when the milk was milked. We assume that these are feces that have reached the milk. We can also think of a milk contaminated due to a mastitis, but the chances are lower “, said the doctor Luca Cianti, director within the Public Health Authority of Florence.

According to the quoted source, the local authorities requested, on Tuesday, a control to be carried out at Quarrata company, which is the largest distributor of Lactate Bradet products in Tuscany, Italy.

A Romanian child, one year and two months old, has been hospitalized, starting with Tuesday, in a hospital in Florence, with hemolytic uremic syndrome, and the local health authorities have announced that they suspect that the disease was caused by Lactate Bradet cheese , wrote the italian press.

The E.coli scandal crosses the border: Romanian child, intoxicated in Italy and hospitalized

According to La Repubblica, the child’s condition was described as “serious, but not serious”. The website writes that, in the evening, the child’s condition has improved.

La Repubblica wrote on Tuesday that the health authorities in the Florence area have launched an epidemiological investigation, suspecting that the cheese of Romanian origin would have caused the disease.



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