Gott film scandal: ALARM IN POLAND!

Once again, someone downloaded the image from the Netflix streaming network, where it has been on view since Christmas, and offered it for free viewing on YouTube. “We are moving vigorously and uncompromisingly,” Aha said. Lukáš Vedral, spokesman for Bontonfilm, who is the film’s distributor. “Everything is being solved again by our lawyers, who will […]

Polish government’s COVID medical adviser resigns en masse, here’s why

Warsaw – As many as 13 of the 17 government medical advisers Poland related corona virus resigned en masse. This happened because medical advisers were disappointed and accused the Polish government of inaction in the face of the pandemic. Disappointed members of the COVID-19 medical advisory committee said they quit because of the lack of […]

Gazprom filed for arbitration against the Polish company PGNIG

PGNIG noted that on January 14, 2022, the company received a lawsuit from the representative of Gazprom and Gazprom Export to the Arbitration Court of Stockholm. The document contains a requirement to increase the price of gas supplied under the Yamal contract. As explained in the Polish company, “Gazprom” expects to revise the contract price […]

1.7 million secret documents of the Polish army published on the Internet – media

Photo: NHK Over 1.7 million secret documents of the Polish army found themselves in the network There was a leak of information about weapons, ammunition, the availability of spare parts and uniforms of the troops. More than 1.7 million secret documents about the activities of the Polish army were on the Internet in the public […]

Polish scientists find gene that increases risk of dying from Covid-19

PR DEPOK – Scientist at Poland have found gen which they think may increase the risk of becoming seriously ill, even die consequence Covid-19. The Ministry of Health in Warsaw expects the discovery of the problem gen this can help identify the people most at risk Covid-19. It is known, until now Covid-19 has killed […]

Belarusian services cut barbed wire to help migrants break through to Poland. Video

“On January 11, 68 people tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Groups of 18 and 15 people illegally crossed the border in the border security zone in Melnik,” the report says. It is noted that in Dubichi Tserkovny and Lipsk, Belarusian services shone with a laser and damaged the barbed wire. The Polish Border […]

Mriya’s plane went to China after a breakdown in Poland

Фото: Robert Neumann / From the sky Mriya will travel to Chinese Tianjin The damage was repaired by specialists from the Antonov State Enterprise, who had arrived in Rzeszow the day before on an An-26 aircraft. The world’s largest transport aircraft An-225 Mriya, which damaged the landing gear during landing at the airport in Rzeszow, […]

Omicron strain in Poland – the first deaths were detected on January 10

Omicron is also dangerous. We have at least the first two deaths from a new version of the virus – from Omicron, – said the spokesman for the Ministry of Health Voychekh Andrusevich. At the same time, he added that a total of 193 cases of Omicron infection were detected in the country. According to […]

Polish Border Service employee injured on the border with Belarus

Photo: During the breakthrough of migrants from Belarus to Poland, an employee of the Border Guard Service suffered Foreigners forced their way through the border at the sections in Cheremkha and Shudzyalovo, throwing stones and noise firecrackers at the Polish border guards. On the border with Belarus on the night of January 9, Polish […]