The protocols of Trump’s wise men

Like the typewritten pornographic novels that circulated from hand to hand with grave secrecy among the adolescents in my town, the adults passed among them in the barbershops, with no less eagerness, a brochure whose cover featured a bearded Jew whose On the back shone, with Luciferian gleams, a Star of David. The Protocols of […]

New York asks to prepare for increase in cases and school closings

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, assured this Friday that the city must prepare for a possible closure of schools next week due to the rise in cases of covid-19, while the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, He said the problem is restaurants, bars and gyms. “This is not something that parents […]

that people live on earth is pure happiness –

It took evolution three to four billion years to produce Homo sapiens. If at some point in that process the climate had failed even once, we probably never would have existed. A scientist demonstrates this in an exciting simulation. ThermostatModels have shown that in a few million years the Earth’s climate can deteriorate to temperatures […]

Criminal justice against journalistic clarification: what should it be or what will it be?

Styria Media Group condemns complaint against journalist Anna Thalhammer: CEO Markus Mair emphasizes the importance of journalistic independence in a democracy. Vienna / Graz (OTS) – Free journalism is the essence of a functioning democracy, and independent media as the fourth power in the state are an indispensable pillar of society. It was precisely this […]

Castro Marte announces vigil in honor of Virgen de la Altagracia

Santo Domingo, R.D. The bishop of the Diocese of Our Lady of Altagracia, Jesús Castro Marte, announced a vigil in honor of the Virgin of Altagracia. He said that the vigil, which will last for eight hours, will be held virtually through Color Vision and the YouTube platform of the Basilica of Higüey and Banco […]

Dinosaur remains may be from the largest animal that ever walked the earth –

The remains of a titanosaurus unearthed several years ago in Patagonia may belong to an animal even larger than the largest dinosaur known to date, paleontologists now say. In northwestern Patagonia, in the Neuquén province, a collection of bones from the sauropod, a dinosaur species with extremely long necks, tails and large round legs, has […]

PILGRIMAGE CROSS COUNTRY – History fascinates by telling the improbable

Manuel Pablo Maza Miquel, SJ En the beginning of 1775, an arrogant England imposed its power, invincible until then. On February 25, he outlawed New England trade with all colonies. The settlers were preparing for freedom or death, in the words of Patrick Henry in his March 23 speech. But on April 19, at the […]

THE GREAT APPLE – New York City will enter phase two of reopening next Monday

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced this Wednesday that the city will go to phase two of the reopening next Monday and reported that the state yesterday recorded the lowest number of deaths from coronavirus to date, with 17 deaths, 15 of them in hospitals and two in residences. During phase two, the […]

“Lungs look worse than those of a smoker” –

Most people recover from the coronavirus without any problems, but some seriously ill corona patients have significant lung damage afterwards. An American trauma surgeon shows on X-rays what ‘post-covid lungs’ sometimes look like. “Worse than smoker’s lungs.” Texas surgeon Brittany Bankhead-Kendall shows three lung images: that of a healthy person, that of a smoker, and […]

Woman with cancer will receive help from the First Lady

The despair caused by having a catastrophic illness, lacking medical insurance and the financial means for treatment, is no longer a concern for Mrs. Griselda Ceballos Ureña, since the first Lady, Raquel Arbaje, solved it. Griselda is a woman of limited resources and has a great desire to recover her health, for which, taking advantage […]