Out of 100 couples 80 separate due to financial problems

The data is surprising but the reality is that the economic issue is vital for the proper functioning of any project, but especially of a couple, no matter their level or social condition. The psychologist, economist and family therapist, Joaquín Disla, revealed that an investigation carried out in the United States in 2019 determined that […]

What IC doctors do differently in the second wave – Wel.nl

The second wave of corona is different from the first wave of March, when we had to deal with a completely unknown virus and it turned out that we had far too few ic beds. IC doctors explain to RTL Nieuws what has now been improved. Firstly, there is more space in intensive care. In […]

coronavirus can lead to brain damage – Wel.nl

The coronavirus can damage the brain. Researchers at the Amsterdam UMC discovered this. Covid-19 in some cases causes the brain’s immune system to run wild. Pathologist Paul van der Valk and his team examined the brains of eleven corona patients who died. In ten of them, the disease had left clear traces in the brain […]

‘That lockdown will come’ – Wel.nl

“That lockdown will come. I am not involved, but I feel that. ” Diederik Gommers said that today The Coen and Sander Show on Radio 538. “We are unable to reduce the number of infections,” thinks the chairman of the Association for Intensive Care. He does advocate a tailor-made lockdown, “more for the elderly than […]

Some young people get very sick from corona. Why them? – Wel.nl

Most young people do not suffer much from corona infections. But some become critically ill, without having any weaknesses or illnesses before. It seems that those youngsters have genetic unlucky, say two studies in the Lancet. ‘It is no coincidence that someone who is healthy and who, in a manner of speaking, has only just […]

aerosols linger for at least 10 minutes – Wel.nl

Virus particles can float around in an elevator for 10 to 20 minutes, discovered researchers from the University of Amsterdam. They advise avoiding talking and coughing in the elevator. If someone with corona coughs or talks in an elevator, aerosols can linger for up to 20 minutes, half an hour if the elevator doors are […]

‘Baby has more brains after a longer pregnancy mother’ – Wel.nl

Babies born prematurely may have smaller brain sizes. A longer pregnancy, so between 37 and 42 weeks, leads to more brain development. This has been suspected for some time, but has now been proven by brain scientist Dr. Hanan El Marroun of Erasmus MC, who wrote about it in the journal JAMA on Tuesday. Marroun: […]

WHO sees record number of corona cases in a week – Wel.nl

The coronavirus pandemic appears to be accelerating worldwide with a record number of new cases in a week. Last week, the number of infections rose to almost two million. The number of new deaths decreased, WHO statistics show. In a new global update, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that during the week ending September […]

Estrella clarifies it went through “rigorous audits”

Ingeniería Estrella defended last night the transaction of 1.1 million dollars that it executed to the Nashville Financial company for payment of services provided in studies and designs at the time of construction of the Corredor Duarte I contract. Estrella responded to an investigative work issued by journalist Alicia Ortega in her Monday Report, where […]