Sanitat meets with the Romanian community of Castellón to encourage vaccination

For this, this week a meeting with representatives of Public Health, the City Council of the capital, the consulate, religious leaders and influential people of this nationality to insist on the importance of vaccination. 70% of hospital admissions due to covid in Castellón are from people without vaccination Interreligious Table The Castellón health department has […]

Detailed introduction of GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition

Exactly 20 years ago, Grand Theft Auto 3 saw the light of day for PlayStation 2. On this occasion, Rockstar today brought details of GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition. Players can prepare to return to their favorite parts of GTA 3, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City. Completely at the top the first full-fledged […]

Neither Cyberpunk 2077 nor The Sorcerer 3 will be released on next-gen this year

Did you think after yesterday found out activity of the PEGI rating agency in connection with the next-gen version Sorcerers 3 will we see improvements soon? We also. But in the CD of the RED Project, he sees it differently in the end. The developers announced today that based on the recommendation of the responsible […]

China tests new hypersonic rocket – Asia

China has tested a hypersonic rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead that circumnavigated the Earth before heading towards its target, the Financial Times (FT) reports, citing five people aware of the test. The evidence, the newspaper said, demonstrated the country’s sophisticated space capabilities, taking the US intelligence community by surprise. Launched in August, the […]

Valve throws out games from Steam and rival Epic welcomes them

Valve has banned games on Steam that allow trading in NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The rival Epic Games Store welcomes them, but must comply with certain conditions. The Steam catalog will be poorer by the games built on blockchain technologywhich allows trading / exchange with NFT and cryptocurrency. Valve has banned these games in updated versions […]

The Day Before is very reminiscent of The Division

Studio Fntastic (authors Wild Eight) chose an unconventional way, at the end of January this year it boasted a game The Day Before, showed a trailer, some screenshots and the first information. Then the ground fell on the project. To this day. The Day Before is commemorated with a new trailer and release date. An […]

Are you tempted by the story campaign Call of Duty: Vanguard?

What will the singleplayer campaign of the shooter be about? Call of Duty: Vanguardwhich is set in World War II? A two and a half minute long story trailer suggests this. Story trailer he looks philosophically, lamenting the nature of war and its torment. Only then will the examples from the war, which depict the […]

What will be the price of the remastered GTA trilogy and when will it come out?

UPDATES: In the afternoon, more news came from trusted sources. They focus on later releases of physical editions and longer waits for versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. More here. Source: Rockstar GamesRemastered GTA trilogy: Boxed versions later and longer waiting for the next-gen? ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Friday studio Rockstar Games […]

This is how Sorcerer 3 is played on the Steam Deck

CD Project RED received from Valve Steam Deck and decided to show how it runs on the upcoming hardware Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt. Good news if you want to play one of the best action RPGs, Geralt’s adventures shouldn’t be a problem on Steam Deck. As the videos on Twitter show, the world of Sorcerer […]

This is what Battlefield 2042 looks like on old consoles

There is nothing to hide. Beta Battlefieldu 2042 was launched today at nine in the morning for EA Play pre-orders and subscribers. Studio DICE decided to show a picture to get an idea of what this multiplayer shooter looks like on the previous generation of consoles. The screenshot comes from the Xbox One version. If […]