US studies: Europe travelers allegedly brought virus to New York

New York has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic: More than 6,200 of the 14,800 deaths reported so far in the US were there. Now US studies say travelers from Europe brought the virus to New York. According to studies, the coronavirus brought mainly travelers from Europe and not from Asia to the […]

Covid-19 pandemic: Brazil’s listless fight against Corona

Almost all manufacturers of corona vaccines have tested its effectiveness in Brazil. But the government failed to secure marketable vaccines. President Bolsonaro shows no interest in strategy. By Peter Sonnenberg, SWR Julio Barbosa is sure he wasn’t given a placebo. He is a test subject for BioNTech and Pfizer and has heard that the effectiveness […]

Virus pandemic: vaccination dispute and many new corona cases

The corona vaccine procurement continues to cause controversy in the government: The Union accuses the SPD of “election campaigns”, the Social Democrats warn of “distrust”. The RKI reports more than 24,000 new infections. More than 24,000 new corona infections and 1083 new deaths – the corona pandemic remains the dominant topic in Germany. The EU […]

Corona crisis: More than 200,000 corona deaths in Brazil

Not only in Brazil, but in all of South America, the number of corona cases is rising again. While the region was important for vaccine research, people now have to wait for the vaccinations. By Anne Herrberg, ARD Studio Buenos Aires Jair Bolsonaro jumps from a boat into the water, paws, accompanied by bodyguards, to […]

New Corona variant: BioNTech vaccine effective against mutation

According to a study, the BioNTech vaccine is also said to protect against the coronavirus mutation that is rampant in the UK. It is considered particularly contagious. The vaccine is also effective against 15 other variants, explain researchers. According to a new study, the corona vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer also protects against a […]

Comment on the quota for women: It could have been more

It is correct that the state requires listed companies to fill board positions with women. But it would have been better to have a quota for women that actually deserves its name. A comment by Sabine Henkel, ARD capital studio The quota is coming, tweets Olaf Scholz, and the usual suspicious opponents of the quota […]

Corona in Germany: Incidence among schoolchildren halved

The number of new infections remains high, but there are differences between the age groups. According to the latest RKI data, the seven-day incidence in high school students was halved. It is unclear whether this is only due to closings. By Patrick Gensing, The corona situation in Germany remains tense: As before, “a high […]

Reactions to new rules: “Orders are not enough”

The new corona resolutions by the federal and state governments have met with reservations from representatives of cities and municipalities. There is particular criticism of the new restrictions on freedom of movement. The corona measures newly decided by the federal and state governments have in some cases met with criticism and reservations from top representatives […]

Corona resolutions: These are the rules until the end of January

Anyone who lives in a hotspot is no longer allowed to go on excursions. The number of people who are allowed to meet is further limited. New rules apply to those returning to travel. The federal and state governments have decided on several measures. An overview. Lockdown As announced in advance of the meeting, the […]

After approval: Doubts about the Indian corona vaccine

India has just approved two corona vaccines: The British agent from AstraZeneca and the Indian in-house development Covaxin. However, experts doubt the effectiveness and safety of Covaxin. By Bernd Musch-Borowska, ARD-Studio New Delhi, currently. Hamburg The approval of the corona vaccine Covaxin developed in India has sparked a controversial debate. For the preparation of the […]