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Eastern Europe 6-8/2012)”>- –

Eastern Europe 6-8/2012
Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel (eds.)
Berlin (BWV) 2012 [= Osteuropa 6-8/2012]
560 p., 15 maps, 53 ills.
Price: € 32.00
ISBN: 978-3-8305-3110-4

Contents and abstracts in English


  • Marija Lipman
    Double polarization
    Full text
    Russia’s divided society
  • Vladimir Gel’man
    Cracks in the system
    Russia’s Authoritarianism 2012
  • Richard Sakwa
    Anatomy of a blockage
    Full text
    Standstill in the dual state of Russia
  • Values ​​of society

  • Lev Gudkov
    Social capital and value orientation
    Modern, premodern and anti-modern in Russia
  • Boris Dubin
    End of the lack of alternatives
    Russia’s society in transition
  • Hans-Henning Schröder
    A country like any other in Europe …
    Russia and Germany in a comparison of values
  • Resources of power

  • Benno Ennker
    Putin and his friends
    The elite and the breakpoints of power
  • Stephen Fortescue
    Russia’s commodity magnate
  • Shamil Yenikeyeff
    Privatization plans, power struggles, instability
    Russia’s oil industry in the Putin crisis
  • Joachim Willems
    The Russian Orthodox Church
    Support of power and mirror of society
  • Il’ja Kukulin
    Resource Resentment
    Internet subculture and political marketing
  • Forms of departure

  • Kerstin Holm
    State and fear
    Putin, the Church and the art of fine art
  • “Breathe the scent of freedom with us!”
    Plea of ​​the defendant N. Tolokonnikova
    Dokumentation Pussy Riot
  • “So that everyone knows what is forbidden”
    A submission to the verdict against Pussy Riot
  • Dmitry Golynko
    The end of apathy
    Russia’s protest movements
  • Elena Panfilova
    The need for transparency
    Russia and the scourge of corruption
  • Center and periphery

  • Nikolai Petrov
    Federal pendulum
    Center and regions in Russia
  • Natalia Zubarevich
    Russia’s parallel worlds
    Dynamic centers, stagnant periphery
  • Мichail Blinkin
    Moscow’s traffic – a mirror of society
  • Emil Souleimanov
    North Caucasus crisis area
    Anatomy of the Islamist uprising
  • Martin Muller
    Think big!
    The major project Soči 2014
  • Stagnation and change

  • Peter Lindner, Alexander Vorbrugg
    Return of the land question
    Major investments in Russia’s agriculture
  • Lily Ovcharova
    Need for reform
    Russia’s pension system
  • Christian Mahler, Gianguido Piani
    Energy efficiency in Russia
    Litmus test of modernization
  • Fedor Kudrjavcev
    Plan without a plan
    The “Greater Moscow” project
  • Inside and outside

  • Hannes Adomeit
    Integration competition between the EU and Russia
    Belarus and Ukraine as areas of conflict
  • Mark N. Katz
    Partnership with limits
    Russia and Iran
  • Kirsten Westphal
    Strategic and reliable?
    Russia as a natural gas supplier
  • Roland Götz
    Myths and Facts
    Europe’s gas dependence on Russia
  • Evgenia Bakalova, Hans-Joachim Spanger
    Arduous return
    Russia’s engagement in development policy
  • Strange and familiar

  • Stefan Meister
    Alienated partners
    Germany and Russia
  • Gemma Porzgen
    Energy reservoir
    The German political foundations in Russia
  • Manfred Sapper
    Decline and new beginning
    The crisis of the German Russia expertise
  • Burkhard Bishop
    Ways out of the Russian doldrums
    Different topics, new perspectives

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