“Tentacles of the Soviet Union”: Canadian edition accused the USSR of provoking World War II

An article appeared in the Canadian edition of the National Post in which the author accused the USSR of “feeding” and “arming” Nazi Germany. It is noted that the USSR itself eventually became a victim of its own policies. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was not defensive, but offensive for Moscow – the two dictatorships were going … Read more

10 US paratroopers injured during exercises in Estonia – media / GORDON

In total, about 600 paratroopers from the United States took part in the element of the exercises on the night of May 8, military equipment was also parachuted on the field. According to Mark Naylor, US embassy spokesman, the damage to the US military is minor, “this is a normal part of air operations.” Naylor … Read more

Russian and Baltic hackers confessed to cyberattacks in the USA

The US Department of Justice announced the confessions of two citizens of the Russian Federation and two immigrants from Estonia and Lithuania. They pleaded guilty to the spread of computer viruses and cyber attacks on American financial institutions and citizens. In the period from 2008 to 2015. immigrants from Russia and the Baltic republics were … Read more

Tunnel to be built between Tallinn and Helsinki / GORDON

The agreement was signed by the head of the Estonian department Taavi Aas and the Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Timo Harakka. The memorandum is the first step towards integrating the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project into the pan-European transport network. This is necessary to apply for co-financing of the project by the European Union, … Read more

Tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki – governments agree to build

It is noted that the agreement was signed by the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure of Estonia Taavi Aas and the Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Timo Harakka. The document provides for cooperation in the transport sector and the exchange of information for the development of major transport projects, including the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel, … Read more