Canada’s Mental Health Crisis: Experts Warn of a “Time Bomb”

Recently, the percentage of people suffering from psychological and mental problems has increased in Canada, especially among young people. The situation has deteriorated, especially in the big cities, which makes experts talk about the emergence of a “time bomb”. The dire consequences of post-pandemic years of chronic underinvestment in mental health are now unfolding in […]

Man Sues 24 Colleagues Over Lottery Win Exclusion

A man was out on a trip, and a colleague bought a lottery ticket and won a grand prize of US$50 million (about NT$1.54 billion). Unexpectedly, he was excluded and did not receive any dime. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay) A man in Ontario, Canada, often recruited his colleagues to buy lottery tickets. Once […]

Global Current Affairs and Industry Updates, Fashion, Economics, Sports, and Travel: A Comprehensive Roundup

global current affairs 4Cv7H8wtjUTarticleFirst order! Settlement in RMB! Take a big step! 4Cv5D11o0charticleEuropean Commission approves Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision 4Cv11pnMRQharticleKorean media: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau arrives in South 4CuUxv51oajarticleBritish media: Chinese tech entrepreneurs continue their global 4Cv78mW7RrWarticleTop student of Tsinghua University, arrested in 4Cv71gEqikfarticleThe first case in China! 17 […]

“The Russo-Ukraine War: Counterattack in Bakhmut and Wagner Group’s Fate”

[Voice of Hope, May 10, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Yu) The Russo-Ukraine war has lasted for more than 14 months. Ukraine launched a counterattack in Udonbakhmut on the day Russia celebrated the “Victory Day” of World War II. Thousands of soldiers from an independent Russian brigade abandoned the battle and fled. The Russian […]

Wildfires in Alberta lead to oil production cuts in Canada

It is reported that energy companies have cut oil production by 185,000 barrels per day, which is about 2% of Canada’s production. The country is the world’s fourth largest producer of crude oil and about 80% of its oil comes from Alberta. So far there are no reports of significant infrastructure damage and oil production […]

Canada expels Chinese diplomat for intimidating opposition member of parliament

Ottawa | Canada expels Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei Canada accuses him of trying to intimidate an opposition member of parliament who criticized China. Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced that Canada would no longer provide diplomatic protection to Zhao. The Minister said that any kind of foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs will not be […]

“Alberta Province Declares State of Emergency as Wildfires Blaze Across 350,000 Acres”

ReutersWildfire near Fox Creek, Alberta NOS News•today, 03:46 The Canadian province of Alberta has declared a state of emergency due to the high number of wildfires. Provincial Premier Danielle Smith made the announcement during a press conference. She described the situation as an “unprecedented crisis”. Some 25,000 Alberta residents have been forced to leave their […]