12 essential things to know before planning a road trip to the United States

After 19 months of closure, the US land border is about to reopen for adequately vaccinated travelers. From the beginning of November, it will therefore be possible to travel by car to the United States for a tourist trip. But will it be complicated? Here are the final details. From when exactly? From November 8, […]

HealthCareCAN | Health Human Resources Advisory Committee

Download PDF Object The purpose of this Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction and operational leadership to the Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources (ACHRN) and to represent ACHRM decisions / direction to the CEO and Board of Directors. of HealthCareCAN and vice versa. It will serve as a communication link between the CCRHS, […]

Canada: Ruth Hamilton was awakened by a meteor that shattered the roof

Ruth Hamilton had been sleeping for several hours when she was suddenly awakened by her barking dog. This gave her a little second to wake up, before a meteor came flying into the bedroom through the ceiling. In an interview with The Canadian Press tells Hamilton that she experienced it all as an explosion, when […]

Radio-Canada s’illustre aux 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards

Once again this year, this prestigious festival recognized productions from more than 30 countries around the world, representing the best of what is done in radio, podcasts, audio books, sound art and news. The quality of the productions and the writing, the creativity and the direction, as well as the impact on audiences and the […]

Kiril Petkov’s immunity can be lifted to bring him to justice because …

“Radev could not have known about this case unless the candidate-minister himself told him. In my opinion, the president did not know. It is possible that if Petkov has signed a declaration, he will be held accountable, but given that he will has immunity as a candidate, the prosecution may request the waiver of immunity. […]