Catholic universities develop the link between faith and science

Pope Francis wrote the preface to a book about the history of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, based in Italy, emphasizing the importance of the Church’s educational work. Vatican News On the sidelines of the general audience on Wednesday, November 24, Pope Francis was given the first copy of the book by the […]

“The Gucci saga”: Italian nightmare

Ridley Scott’s feature film with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver unfortunately takes on the air of soap opera. The first hour of The Gucci saga fascinates. The screenplay by Becky Johnston and Roberto Bentivegna as well as the cameras by Ridley Scott transport us to Milan in 1978. There, Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio […]

New investigation into death of Marco Pantani

After possible new evidence has surfaced, the Italian Rimini prosecutor’s office has opened a new investigation into the death of Marco Pantani, the lawyer for the relatives confirmed to Ansa news agency on Monday. Today at 01:21 Abroad It is now the third time that an investigation has been conducted into the death of former […]

Miccoli: three and a half years in prison for extortion using the mafia method

The Federal Supreme Court of Italy denied the appeal presented by Fabrizio Miccoli, who was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for extortion using the mafia method. The former Benfica player had known the sentence in January 2020, but appealed the decision. Now, see this feature being denied. According to the transalpine […]

Billion fine to Amazon and Apple in Italy

This amounts to approximately NOK 2 billion. The fines have been imposed due to what the Norwegian Competition Authority believes is an attempt to prevent the resale of Apple products. Apple is fined 134.5 million euros, while Amazon’s fine is 68.7 million. According to the Norwegian Competition Authority, the companies have refused to sell Apple […]

Europe is Terrifying, Massive Demos in the Netherlands to Italy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Europe was attacked by massive demonstrations. A number of countries had to deal with protesters, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, to Italy. Residents’ anger peaked due to the restrictions taken by the government amid the continued record number of Covid-19 cases. Europe is now the epicenter of Covid-19. In Belgium, […]

A third of the population was evacuated from an island in Italy due to a volcano

Фото: Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department A third of the population was evacuated from the island in Italy due to the activity of the volcano Scientists have reported an increase in the amount of heavy gases that reduce oxygen levels in the air and make breathing difficult. A third of the population – about 150 people […]

Škoda Auto reports a drop in sales. It is the worst of the whole group

The European new car market continues to struggle with the crisis. After last year’s fall in registrations due to covid measures, a production crisis occurred this year due to a lack of components. This has been reflected in registration statistics for several months, which was confirmed in October. Last month, only 798,693 cars were registered […]