Deviation: Meloni, the government has proved us right – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 26 – “The government agrees with us albeit belatedly, which means that with a very long effort of attention and availability, we have forced the majority to review its positions. I am happy that the majority arrives on our common sense proposals, the battle is not over. With this vote we […]

For 1 out of 5 psyche disorders after the diagnosis of Covid – Medicine

About one in five people have psychiatric disorders between 14 and 90 days after the diagnosis of Covid-19. This is the main data that results from an extensive research with a study on 69 million medical records of which 62,354 with a diagnosis of Covid-19, conducted by the Department of Psychiatry of the University of […]

Experts: Homeschooling affects students’ mental health

11:00 PM Monday 23 November 2020 D b a- In light of the longstanding regulations of providing lessons for older students only online, experts in Italy see this having an impact on children’s development.Psychiatrist Massimo di Gianantonio in Rome said that studying at home status has an effect on students’ mental state and personal development.The […]

Hundreds of rescues in southern Italy due to severe weather | NOW

Several places in southern Italy were flooded this weekend due to heavy rainfall. The Italian fire brigade had to turn out hundreds of times, among other things to free people who were trapped in cars and houses due to the high water. Around the town of Crotone in the southern Italian region of Calabria, inflatable […]

Zaki remains in prison, another 45 days in pre-trial detention – Emilia-Romagna

Amnesty: ‘Judicial fury, Italy reacts’ The pre-trial detention in Cairo of Patrick Zaki, the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna accused of subversive propaganda, has been renewed for another 45 days: his lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, reported the outcome of a hearing held yesterday in the Egyptian capital. “Renewal of 45 days”, she limited herself […]

For So Long Becomes ‘Monthly’ in the World About the Spread of the Corona Virus, This Chinese Doctor Reveals Shocking Facts About the Origin of Covid-19 Not from Wuhan

Kompas / Garry Lotulung (Illustration) Funeral officers carry the coffin of a patient suspected of the corona virus or Covid-19 at the Pondok Rangon TPU, East Jakarta, Wednesday (22/4/2020). – Spread corona virus globally, it is still increasing day by day. Launching data from the Worldometers page, until Sunday (11/22/2020) morning, the total confirmed […]

Crotone – Lazio Rome 0: 2, Lazio confirmed the role of favorite in the Italian league! Ronaldo fired for Juventus and leads a gunner’s competition

Cristiano Ronaldo (right) in the Italian football league secured Juventus 2-0 over Cagliari with two goals. The Portuguese striker is at the head of the scorer table. Massimo Pinca, Reuters With two goals, Cristiano Ronaldo in the Italian football league secured the victory of Juventus 2-0 over Cagliari. The Portuguese striker is at the head […]