Fewer flights per week from Dresden Airport – IHK fears decoupling

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “there are even more indications that domestic German air traffic to and from Dresden should be completely discontinued”. IHK President Andreas Sperl called on the Saxon government to enter into a dialogue with the airlines “in order to avert lasting damage to the Free State as a […]

Mathematical Model Finds Substitute for Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion is part of a doctor’s treatment to save the lives of patients who lack blood due to accidents or are suffering from certain diseases. Patients with anemia or blood with low oxygen levels, can be treated effectively with blood replacement transfusions.Although blood transfusions are effective in saving human lives, their supply is sometimes […]

Bournezeau. Science comes to the library all October

As part of the Month of Science, the Bournezeau library, in conjunction with the network of libraries in the Chantonnay region, is organizing a “scientific snack”, Friday, October 22, from 5 pm until 7 pm. This meeting is for everyone, from 5 years old. The theme is quite broad, between ecology, sustainable development, recycling. “The […]

Volunteers of the CureVac protocol will receive another vaccine against Covid-19

Volunteers participating in the phase 3 study of the CureVac vaccine against Covid-19 they will be able to opt for another vaccine, after the German laboratory of origin announced that it will not continue the development of this biological. In this regard, the principal investigator of the CureVac clinical study and leader of the Covid-19 […]

What Happens to the Human Body When it Dies in Space

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — As technology advances, travel to space for vacations has become a real thing. This means humans are starting to think about what it would be like to live in outer space. But, what happens if someone dies in space? When dead on earth, the human body will go through several stages […]

Microsoft lists the rest of October’s Game Pass games. One or two nice titles

The Game Pass library has already received a lot of nice additions this October, but Microsoft does not seem finished yet. Among other things, we have gained access to Turtle Rock’s zombie killer simulator Back 4 Blood, which, among other things, has been signed to start charging regularly, as well as entertaining base builder action […]

Scientists have found a way to “force” the immune system to attack cancer cells

Photo: pixabay.com A new way to get the immune system to attack cancer cells has been discovered Researchers have found that removed, damaged and then reintroduced into the tumor, cancer cells act as triggers for the activation of the immune system. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new cancer treatment based […]

Israeli Diver Finds Crusader Knight’s Sword

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A diver finds an ancient sword estimated to be hundreds of years old off the coast of Haifa, Israel. This item found by Shlomi Katzin is a sword that archaeologists estimate is about 900 years old. The sword is said to be used by a knight in Crusade. The sword was […]