Ideal chance for Romanians. Mircea Coșea: It is the best investment that can be made in our country

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In an exclusive interview for DC News, Professor Mircea Coșea spoke about the best investment that Romanians can make, both in the country and in the diaspora.

Professor Mircea Coșea spoke, exclusively for DC News, about a chance that Romanians in the diaspora have, but also those in the country, if they have certain amounts that they want to invest:

“There is a lot of uncertainty on the market about everything that investment means. For now, I think we should be very careful when investing in Bitcoin or another type of virtual currency, because there are large fluctuations in the market. At the same time, in Romania there is not a great attraction for investing in art, and gold remains the only investment that can ensure a certain stability in the medium term.

Sure, there is an ideal investment opportunity, but for large sums. Thus, the best investment that can be made in Romania is in the land, in arable and agricultural lands, because agriculture is the future of this country. In the conditions in which a difficulty or a kind of agrarian crisis will appear, whoever has land will be in profit “, stated Mircea Coșea.

Chance for Romanians in the diaspora

“Besides the fact that Romanians in the diaspora build their houses in Romania, this being a matter related to a certain comfort of life, I think that those who plan to return to the country and start a business, investing in land, eventually in basic agricultural equipment, for animal husbandry activities, it is something that can bring good results in the future “, concluded Professor Mircea Coșea.

Are real estate investments still profitable? What Professor Mircea Coșea says

Lately, many Romanians have invested in real estate, which they later rented to recover their money. Given that the entire international community is going through a series of crises, economic, energy and pandemic, we contacted the economist Mircea Coșea to explain if there are medium and long term chances for real estate investments to prove profitable:

“It is a good idea in the long run, because the apartments will be sold harder and harder. Lending is difficult, banks put more complicated conditions for loans, so renting will probably be an activity that will be more intense and faster than buying apartments (…) “, said the economist (read more HERE).



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