The most watched Netflix movie of November in the world

The film managed to break records, position itself at the top of the rankings and stand out internationally. Established Hollywood stars perform From series and documentaries to own films, Netflix it is full of successes. The platform put aside its role as a mere streaming service and became a production company that did not generate […]

Watford vs Chelsea Temporarily Suspended Due to Emergency Incident

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Match Premier League between Watford against Chelsea temporarily suspended after an emergency incident occurred in the spectator stands, Thursday (2/12) early morning WIB. Chelsea medical staff ran across the pitch at Vicarage Road to provide treatment to a spectator who is believed to have suffered a heart attack. Moments later the […]

Powell statements send Wall Street down sharply

The leading indices on Wall Street all ended in red, marked by fear of viruses and announced Fed austerity measures: The broad index S&P 500 ended the trading day down 1.90 percent to 4,573. The Dow Jones industrial average closed the day down 1.82 percent to 34,497. The technology index Nasdaq ended down 1.55 percent […]

Miserable 3rd quarter figures from Frontline

Last winter, there was a bonanza in the tanker market with rates of over $ 300,000 a day. The market remained usable throughout both the spring and summer of 2020, but since then it has mostly just been misery. However, Frontline did very well in the first quarter when the company largely continued to surf […]

This will affect the Oslo Stock Exchange on Thursday

Nekkar: Kl. 07.00, webcast kl. 08.00 Anora: Kl. 07.30, Teams / tel. 10.00 Avance Gas Holding: Kl. 08.00, webcast / tel kl. 14.00 Odfjell Drilling: 08.00, tel. 15.00 Xplora Technologies: Kl. 08.00, webcast kl. 09.00 Akobo Minerals: Kl. 08.30, webcast kl. 13.00 Hunter Group, Hurtigruten (pres. Friday), Solstad Offshore (pres. Friday) Macro: Norway: Labor Force […]

Poland accuses Belarus of hacking mailboxes

Photo: Hacking mailboxes is the first attempt to destabilize the situation in Poland Back in the summer, e-mails of government officials were hacked in Poland. Then Poland accused Russia of cyberattacks. A large-scale hacking of Polish mailboxes, including government ones, was carried out in June from Belarus. This was stated by the spokesman for […]

The strip roast, an Argentine invention: we will tell you its origin

A series of events generated the fortuitous appearance of this protagonist of the roasts that was the waste of the meat that was exported Ladislao Martínez Castro and Braulio Costa were neighbors in San Isidro, where they had their farms, and they maintained a very good relationship. The first, born in 1792; the second in […]

This is how Madmax from Brussels did it at the breakdance World Cup

Maxime ‘Madmax’ Blieck has not been able to match her second place at last year’s unofficial World Championship breakdance. The 23-year-old from Brussels was killed in the first round. In Gdansk, Poland, the unofficial World Cup breakdance took place on Saturday evening, with the best breakdancers in the world. The Belgian colors were represented by […]

Video experts cannot unambiguously solve the Ofarim chain puzzles

The video recordings from the Leipzig hotel that Gil Ofarim wanted to check into at the beginning of October have been discussed for weeks. Was the musician insulted anti-Semitically or not? And did he wear his Star of David necklace or not? BRISANT presented the material from the surveillance cameras from the hotel to the […]