What is the purpose of the camera on the left rearview mirror of the Honda WR-V?

Jakarta – The Honda WR-V is Honda Prospect Motor (HPM)’s new champion in the compact SUV segment. This car is equipped with a number of advanced features that make it superior to its competitors. So, what’s interesting is that the Honda WR-V has a camera in the left mirror. What’s the function for? ASEAN NCAP […]

LCGC Increases 5 Percent, Honda Prepares to Increase the Price of Brio Satya

Jakarta – The government through the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) has announced a five percent increase in the price of a low cost green car or LCGC. As a result, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) will raise the selling price Honda Brio Satya in Indonesia. Marketing Director of PT HPM, Yusak Billy said, the government’s […]

Honda Launches New Electric Motorcycle, Don’t Be Surprised To See The Price

Jakarta – Honda officially launched Honda U-GO GT for consumers in China. The electric scooter gets a number of new touches compared to the regular Honda U-GO, which launched earlier. Taken from Greatbiker, Wednesday (8/3), the Honda U-GO GT is one of three electric products projected to launch in China this year. The vehicle at […]

Honda and LG Start Building Lithium Ion Battery Factory

Jakarta – The competition for electric vehicles, especially electric cars, is increasingly interesting to watch, because unconsciously almost all automotive manufacturers or energy companies are competing to produce new technologies that can be embedded in electric vehicles. For example, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and LG Energy Solution have decided to jointly produce lithium ion electric […]

Appearance of the Chinese Version of the Honda HR-V, What’s the Difference?

Jakarta – Existence Honda HR-V officially disclosed version. In appearance, the Bamboo Curtain country version of the Honda HR-V has a design that is quite different from the latest Honda HR-V marketed in Indonesia. In addition, from the engine aspect, the Chinese version of the HR-V gets a hybrid engine option. Quoted from Carscoops, The […]

Honda Registers Scrambler Motorbikes in Indonesia

Jakarta – Honda was caught registering a scrambler-style neo-classical motorbike in Indonesia. The scrambler motorbike suspected to be the Honda CL300 was registered by Honda Motor Co, which is located in Tokyo, Japan. Honda’s scrambler motorbike design is listed in the Official Industrial Design News No. 8/DI/2023 issued by the Directorate of Copyright and Industrial […]

Experts named the most reliable large crossovers under the age of five

Only those crossovers were included in the rating, the malfunctions of which could be fixed quickly and inexpensively. More than 25,000 drivers spoke about their operating experience. Experts named the most reliable large crossovers under the age of five. These cars rarely break down and bring pleasure to their owners. About it told on the […]