Fourteen cement companies faced sanctions and disclosed their penalty for colluding to hike prices.

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Board of Directors of the General Authority for Competition issued its decision approving taking procedures for investigation, research, collection of inferences and investigation, on companies: Company names Al-Safwa Cement, Al-Madina Cement, Umm Al-Qura Cement, Al-Jouf Cement, Qassim Cement, Najran Cement, Southern Province Cement, United Industrial Cement, Yamama Cement, Riyadh Cement (Saudi White […]

Big Brother VIP | GF VIP 7: Antonella Fiordelisi Gets Eliminated.

The final is upon us and the desire to reach the last episode is ardent for every VIP, but one of the nominated women will soon have to leave the House, abandoning the dream of winning the edition. Alfonso rules Milena, Giaele, Antonella e Nikita with your back to the led. The first to be […]

There is no mercy and a continuous crime… Cancer patients in Lebanon are fighting with what is available in front of the gradual removal of subsidies for medicine

“About 10,000 new cases of cancer are registered in Lebanon annually,” according to the estimate of a specialist in cancer and blood diseases and advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr. Arafat Tufayli, in his interview with An-Nahar. While we lack accurate statistics that estimate the total number of cancer cases in Lebanon, it is […]

Coach Al Nassar blamed Cristiano Ronaldo for the Super Cup eliminationHalf time

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 27.01.2023 23:20:15 When it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to play in the Saudi Arabian League, many people thought that the Portuguese, walking, was going to be able to stand out with Al Nassar. Especially when in his debut against PSG he scored a couple of goals with […]

Consultant Reveals Crisis to Hit Food and Beverage Sector • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Engineer “Abdul Aziz Al-Yaqout”, consultant in agriculture and food safety, revealed the impact of the dairy sector crisis and high prices on the food and beverage sector, represented by restaurants and cafes. He said, since the end of 2021, we have gone through a series of crises, a crisis of price inflation and […]