His affair was leaked, this mother burned her child alive

loading… MOSCOW – A mother in Russia burned his eight-year-old son to death. The reason, the victim told his stepfather that his mother had an affair. Anastasia Baulina, 32, a cashier from the Kursk region near the border with Ukraine, said she burned the victim alive by pouring petrol and setting her on fire with […]

Bumble dating app offers space to meet your contacts – 09/28/2021 – Market

known for being the first dating app in which the power to strike up a conversation belongs exclusively to women, the Bumble announced another step towards safety. This time, in a “bizz” relationship — as they call the professional connection category — with Canopy by Hilton. Starting this Tuesday (28), users of the application have […]

Couples Engineering Robbery for Infidelity Unnoticed

Jakarta – The motorbike is taken away having an affair so Ida (43), a resident of Palembang, South Sumatra (South Sumatra), made up stories. Starting from him who had an illicit relationship with Kodir (35). The man then took Ida’s motorbike away when they were dating. Ida, who was afraid to go home without a […]

Refutation of Cheating by Vice Regent of Humbahas Motivated by Extortion

Medan – Slanted news about affair hit the Deputy Regent Humbang Hasundutan (Humbahas) Oloan P Nababan. He was accused of having an affair with a civil servant in the Provincial Government North Sumatra (North Sumatra Provincial Government). Allegations of Wabup Oloan having an affair with a civil servant named Sari Simanjuntak surfaced because a Facebook […]

Edy Rahmayadi Calls the Deputy Regent of Humbahas: Are you having an affair?

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi responding to the issue of an alleged affair that dragged the Deputy Regent Humbang Hasundutan (Wabup Humbahas) Oloan Nababan with a ASN in the North Sumatra Provincial Government. The former chairman of PSSI admitted that he had called Oloan Nababan to directly clarify the widely […]

Banken – Frankfurt am Main – Bund sells last shares in Pfandbriefbank – Bavaria

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – More than a decade after the collapse of the Munich scandal bank Hypo Real Estate (HRE), the federal government is closing a successful chapter in crisis management: The financial market stabilization fund will sell its last shares in the successor institution, the Deutsche Pfandbriefbank (pbb). The Federal Finance Agency announced […]