With the dollar on the rise, this is Bank of America forecast for Argentina

A new report from the entity focuses on growth and assesses the impact of a possible agreement with the International Monetary Fund The Argentine economy will close this year with an increase of 7,3% and inflation will be above the 50%, as predicted by the Bank of America, which in turn estimated that the Government […]

Novák: the gyed can be gross 280 thousand, the gyed net 180 thousand

94 percent of those who completed the national consultation agree with raising the amount of the minimum wage, so the government supports a minimum wage of HUF 200,000 in Hungary next year, Katalin Novák said, according to MTI. If this is realized, the maximum amount of the gyed will reach HUF 280 thousand gross, in […]

order the bank to suspend the collection of the credit

The magistrate ordered the entity to arbitrate the necessary means to proceed with the suspension of any debit in the savings bank The court of first instance ordered Banco Hipotecario SA to cease any debit in the savings bank of a man who had been the victim of a digital crime, until a final judgment […]

Boris Johnson is raising taxes – he says it’s because of the pandemic

Boris Johnson PHOTO: Reuters Boris Johnson announced a new tax in the UKto pay for social sector reforms and national health care funding. Johnson noted that in the next three years, this will raise 36 billion pounds for first-line services in public life. However, the prime minister’s plan violates the Tories’ campaign promise not to […]

how to find the best with AlPrestamo

The Argentine startup unites users who need a banking or fintech product with entities that can provide them. And it expanded to the region Argentina has a great financial challenge: inclusion. Although it still remains an unresolved issue, the pandemic accelerated many processes and in that sense some managed to benefit. It is the case […]

what will the first Mi Store in the country offer

It is Xiaomi, the second largest smartphone manufacturer on the planet, which, in addition, is already analyzing manufacturing its products in the country. The details In a complex context for thousands of companies around the planet, some companies manage to make a difference based on the good results obtained during the last year and a […]

How is the best-selling electric skateboard in Mercado Libre

Electric scooters are an increasingly common part of urban geography and their use can help you save a few pesos on travel The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 electric skateboard arrives with two improvements barely visible to the eye, but that can save you annoyances: more visibility and an improved double braking system. These […]

“Open space”, “flex office” … Why the French shun new trends and prefer the good old individual office

INVESTIGATION – According to a recent study, employees prefer personal workspaces. A choice that goes against the current trend: companies are increasingly turning to “flexible” spaces. «The only difference between teleworking and ‘face-to-face’ work is that in the second configuration, employees have to pretend to work more.», Laughs Clément, senior manager in a consulting company. […]

Consumption of beef is at the lowest level in history

The drop in purchasing power and increases in the price of meat had a full impact on consumption in Argentina, according to Fundación Mediterránea. The slaughter of cattle fell 11.2% year-on-year in the second quarter of the year and per capita consumption fell to the lowest level in history, according to a report prepared by […]

US tries to delay Europeans’ digital tax bill

This is not the first time that a European digital tax project has encountered obstacles. After a first attempt in 2018 which ultimately failed following the withdrawal of several member states, the United States is once again threatening a renewed plan for this tax. This must be announced by the European Commission on July 14. […]