“The Donda case is terrible, it disgusts me”

“It disgusts me that a person who occupies a position like that is capable of having an employee in the situation in which he had her,” said “Chiche” Duhalde. Despite the controversy that was generated around Victoria Donda, President Alberto Fernández ratified it, this Tuesday morning, at the head of the National Institute against Discrimination, […]

Dinosaur remains may be from the largest animal that ever walked the earth – Wel.nl

The remains of a titanosaurus unearthed several years ago in Patagonia may belong to an animal even larger than the largest dinosaur known to date, paleontologists now say. In northwestern Patagonia, in the Neuquén province, a collection of bones from the sauropod, a dinosaur species with extremely long necks, tails and large round legs, has […]

This page allows you to create your own WhatsApp stickers

Currently millions of users do not know what to do with their WhatsApp account, and the use of stickers may be a determining factor in staying As is public knowledge, 2021 did not start well for the leading instant messaging app WhatsApp, since it was involved in a great controversy due to its new, more […]

Expert speaks about the effects of the new WhatsApp privacy policy

Colombia  | January 18, 2021 | 12:00 AM | Written by: Web Edition 0 Comments On the news that WhatsApp users are facing, the expert Carlos Cortes invited by the Chamber of Commerce of this capital will speak this Monday, January 18 at 11 a.m. The dialogue will be based on an aspect that has […]

“Lungs look worse than those of a smoker” – Wel.nl

Most people recover from the coronavirus without any problems, but some seriously ill corona patients have significant lung damage afterwards. An American trauma surgeon shows on X-rays what ‘post-covid lungs’ sometimes look like. “Worse than smoker’s lungs.” Texas surgeon Brittany Bankhead-Kendall shows three lung images: that of a healthy person, that of a smoker, and […]

What Donald Trump brought to the New York Times and Washington Post – media

The Twitter president was the best thing that could happen to newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post: They increased their digital sales significantly. How the Trump years gave the classic media a boost. You could say that two men are the Washington Post have saved: Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump. Bezos, founder […]

Chinese vaccine is barely more than 50 percent effective – Wel.nl

The corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac is only 50.4 percent effective, according to the latest Brazilian study. That is much less than previous data showed and hardly more than the 50 percent required to be approved. Due to the high number of corona infections, Brazil chose to purchase the Chinese vaccine that was […]

The note an employee left her boss after she quit

The woman decided to leave a paper in which she informed her boss that she was not going to work again and her decision generated reactions on social networks A woman from the United States, an employee of the Target supermarket chain, decided to quit her job in a particular way: she left her boss […]