“Yemen has no credit for me, and all credit goes to Saudi Arabia.” A video…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: Arwa: “Yemen has no credit for me, and all credit goes to Saudi Arabia.” Video… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Noura Barakat wrote: The Yemeni artist, Arwa, revealed her support for Yemen and Yemeni talents, explaining that she is the only one capable of singing the Yemeni color with […]

Screaming and groaning .. Actress Yousra in the most violent and violent scene leaked from Adel Imam’s hot movie, which caused Yousra to bleed and cry and the director’s anger .. Watch the video before deletion

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Yousra, in her performance and spontaneity, rose to the throne of the most righteous of the great Egyptian actors and artists. All her films were with the heroes of Egyptian art and cinema, such as the artist Adel Emam, and perhaps she is more. Which she presents without objection, which […]

Czech physicist: Nuclear power can cause an energy revolution, it is a world change

We entered the industrial revolution, which used the knowledge of thermodynamics. Next came the digital revolution, i.e. the revolution that uses quantum mechanics and Maxwell’s equations. And this new energy revolution, which will use physics, said Milan Holec in Rozstel. What do we need at this time? A decentralized source of electricity for humanity. Which […]

5 nutritional tips for patients with hypertension

Thank you for reading the news about 5 nutrition tips for hypertension patients and now with the news details Cairo – Samia Sayed – Hypertension is a chronic and dangerous disease and many may not know they have it, but its effects on your body can threaten your life over time if it is not […]

Deal Monitor: Worms Revolution Gold (PC) free on GOG

If the game isn’t in your collection, you might want to think about getting it. These days we can’t be without another free PC game, this time again by GOG, created within the ranks of Team17 Worm Revolution Gold in person. The worm action game, originally released in 2012, can now be obtained for free […]

The teenage revolution of Arsenal de Arteta

Soccer Premier League With the Spaniard in charge, the ‘Gunners’ lead Boxing Day with the youngest team in the Premier League Mikel Artetta Reuters On a day like today, exactly 19 years ago, Thierry Henry signed another afternoon to remember in the splendid and extinct Highbury. While a sea of ​​Santa hats and Christmas motifs […]