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Honda Partners with Santander for Motorcycle Financing: Details and Special Offers

The motorcycle brand announced an agreement with Santander to finance the purchase of different models. The amounts vary depending on the term. Details

11/04/2024 – 19:17hs

Honda, the leading brand in motorcycle sales in the country, and Santander Consumer, announced the launch of a line of loans for the purchase of the brand’s models.

The objective is to encourage sales in a segment that, during the first quarter of the year, had a decrease of 26.4% year-on-year, after growing 8.6% in 2023, according to data from the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Republic. Argentina (ACARA).

This agreement will allow interested parties to access financing through Super Préstamos Prendas and Personal Loans with facilities to acquire motorcycles produced and marketed by Honda.

The operation can be closed at any of the brand’s 141 official dealerships, to access the first motorcycle or change the current model for a 0km one.

What are the loans to buy a Honda motorcycle like?

In the case of collateral loans, they are offered for all models with a price greater than 3.5 million pesos.

Additionally, a space option is offered for one model. It’s about the CB300which can be purchased at a rate of 0% for 12 months. The value of this motorcycle is 6,298,100 pesos. You can pay half and finance the rest.

Honda CB300, the model with special financing for the launch of the loans.

This motorcycle is equipped with a 293cm3 injection engine with 4 valves at the head. It also has an oil radiator to help maintain the viscosity and temperature of the lubricant, maintaining an optimal operating condition. The transmission is 6 speeds for better performance, equipped with an anti-rebound clutch that reduces the effects of engine braking in a sudden downhill. Additionally, it has a USB-C charging port (5V; 3A), allowing the charging of mobile electronic devices.

As for the rest of the lines, they have personal loans at beneficial differential rates, which vary depending on the term.

PCX, another of Honda’s models to finance.

Some of the motorcycles that can be purchased, Because they have a value above $3.6 million, they are the PCX with a value of $7,182,000; the XR from the 190, which costs $4,292,400; among other.

The profile of credit takers to buy motorcycles

According to Santander data, the 75% of those who acquire a collateral loan to buy a motorcycle are men and only 25%, women. Most of them are between 35 and 45 years old and reside in the province of Buenos Aires. It is worth clarifying that the credit holder is not necessarily the end user of the purchased vehicle.

Martín Solano, CEO of Santander Consumer Argentina, expressed: “Our purpose is to contribute to the progress of people, that is why we offer the best options to finance the acquisition of motos through our financial proposals. “This year, the motorcycle market needs additional incentives to encourage demand and we believe that with the facilities we are offering we can contribute to boosting sales in this sector.”

For his part, Alejandro Módica, manager of the Motorcycle division of Honda Motor of Argentina, commented: “We are very happy with this new alliance which is undoubtedly a great tool to bring the brand even closer to the public. We are the motorcycle company that more produces and sells in Argentina and being able to offer these financing options will allow us to further improve our performance in the market.”

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