Sell ​​Hard! Investors are attracting Antam & Bukopin’s shares

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Combined Share Price Index (IHSG) on trades Wednesday (2/12/20) monitored to beof area green, bolted 1,04% at level 5.783,1 after investors responded to positive news about the Moderna and Pfizer corona vaccines. The flight of the JCI triggered several stocks A favorite among investors to trade at a fantastic value, here are […]

Crazy! Effects of Vaccines, These 4 Stocks Raced 15% More

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Combined Share Price Index (IHSG) on trades Wednesday(2/12/20) monitored to beof area green, streaked0,52% at level 5.755,1 after investors responded to positive news about the Moderna and Pfizer corona vaccines. The rise of the JCI triggered several shares to appreciate by tens or even tens of percent. Here are the stocks that […]

5 These Shares Are ‘Discarded’ By Foreigners When JCI Fly 2%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) remained strong in the green zone during trading, Tuesday (12/1/2020), after having entered the red zone due to the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, who was reported to have contracted the corona virus. JCI finally monitored bclosed successfully fly 2% ke level 5.724,74on trade first December […]

‘Corruption’ Coal Shares, Have Not Stop Flying High

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Coal stock prices shot up again in today’s trading as the reference index for the local bourse, namely the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), shot up 1.70%. Even though it had dropped into the red zone due to the Governor of DKI Jakarta who was reportedly positive for Covid-19, the JCI was able […]

Anies Positive Covid, JCI Starts Landslides & Afraid of Emergency Brakes?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) still observed to be in the green zone strengthened by 0.99% ke level 5.666,06 on trade today is Tuesday (12/1/20), after having had 1.5% more. The strengthening of the JCI was cut after news emerged that the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan was positively infected by […]

Cuan! Coal Stocks Skyrocket, The Tycoon Is Getting Rich …

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of black gold commodity, namely coal, rose 17% throughout November 2020. Positive sentiment surrounds coal companies in Indonesia. Not to mention, there is news that China is committed to buying 200 million tons of Indonesian coal next year. This will make the Indonesian coal industry more shiny, the owners […]

Attention! Red & Foreign JCI Panic Sale of Big Shares

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- IIndex of Composite Share Price (IHSG) on trading Thursday(19/11/ 20) ofOpen of area red, thinly corrected 0,06% at level 5.779,67. After 15 minutes, even though the JCI had turned green, the JCI still depreciated 0.27% to the level of 5,766.08 after investors took profit taking after the JCI had shot up in […]

Search for Cuan in LQ45, Check Out the 5 Most ‘Cheap’ Valuation Shares

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Along with the increase in the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) to 12% in the last 3 weeks, many leading stocks whose prices have also shot up. With the soaring share prices, many investors who have not yet entered the market feel ‘lagging behind’, even so, it turns out that there are […]

It’s been Fantastic 9 Weeks, Rupiah Goes to IDR 13,000 / US $

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rupiah exchange rate back to strength against the United States dollar (US) on the spot market on trade this week. Within 5 trading days in pekToday, the rupiah has only weakened on Tuesday’s trading. So that all this week the Garuda Currency back posted a reinforcement and for 9 weeks it […]

Hi Millennial! Here are 3 Ways to Become a Twisted Tajir

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Building wealth is such a compelling topic that it may lead to heated debate, promote unique ‘get rich quick’ schemes, or encourage people to enter into deals they may not have considered. But are these three simple steps a misleading concept? Of course not But while the basic steps to building […]