Corona demos across the country – police in constant use

At the weekend there were again demonstrations against the federal government’s corona policy – like here in Berlin. imago images/Christian Grube Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month now to read this article. All other content on our website and in the “noz News” app will then also be available to […]

Egypt News | Al-Ahly news / because of the large demonstrations

Doubts about the date of the Peru-Argentina match, as part of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, have shifted due to the presence of major riots in Lima, the Peruvian capital.. Revealed channel“TYC” Argentine, that the security situation in Peru is very worrying, due to the large demonstrations taking place in the […]

Even after the constitutional referendum, many Chileans continue to protest

Hundreds of people gather in Plaza Italia in the Chilean capital Santiago de Chile. They call for further reforms and express their general displeasure with the government. They are afraid that politicians will not implement the result of last Sunday’s constitutional referendum. A week ago the population voted on a new constitution that breaks with […]

Trick against the mask requirement – Jürgen Fliege preaches against corona rules – Munich

Munich – Open-air church service instead of the Anticorona rule demo. The “lateral thinkers” unceremoniously declared their demonstration on the Theresienwiese on Sunday afternoon to be devotional. A lawyer for the organizer announced this intention at 3 p.m. The police initially decided to accept this statement. The demo organizers had called in pastors for their […]

On Independence Day – Burning USA flags in New York City – News abroad

During protests against racism on US National Day, demonstrators burned several US flags in New York. One action took place near the Trump Tower in central Manhattan. In other cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, protesters held Independence Day rallies on Saturday. In a speech on Independence Day in South Dakota the day before, US […]