Almost 7,000 corona cases among Berlin’s students – criticism of the Senate

Berlin – Almost 7,000 schoolchildren across Berlin have been shown to be infected with the corona virus. According to the Corona statistics of the Senate Education Administration on Friday, there were 6911. In view of the almost 337,000 students, these are manageable numbers. But the change is unmistakable: According to the educational administration’s step-by-step plan […]

Corona situation in the Paderborn district on Friday, January 14th

For the period from Thursday to Friday (as of 11 a.m. each day), the Paderborn district had 236 Corona new infections announced. Last week there were 213 for the same period. Another 177 patients are considered recovered. The number of infected people is now officially 2102. On Thursday it was 2043. MORE ON THE SUBJECT […]

City of Koblenz bans unannounced corona demos from Saturday – SWR Aktuell

Several cities in Rhineland-Palatinate have already banned the unannounced demos against the Corona measures. Now Koblenz is following suit and will ban them from Saturday. According to the Mayor of Koblenz, David Langner (SPD), a new general decree will come into force on Saturday. It prohibits unannounced protests against the Corona measures, but also all […]

Omicron RI Soars to 572 Cases! Patients Complain the Most of These 3 Symptoms

Jakarta – The Indonesian Ministry of Health has again noted the addition of cases of the Omicron variant in Indonesia. As of Friday (14/1), there were 66 new cases added, bringing the total confirmed Omicron cases to 572. Of the 66 new Omicron confirmed cases, 33 of them are international or overseas travelers (PPLN). While […]

Dresden: Illegal march – protection for the university clinic of medical students

Jan 14, 2022 at 12:43 am Deployment after telegram call : Medical students protect themselves in front of the university clinic in Dresden Students in white coats in front of the university hospital in Dresden. Photo: dpa/Sebastian Kahnert Dresden In Saxony, a maximum of ten people are allowed to come together because of the many […]

Another Corona demo in Düsseldorf – the police expect traffic delays

January 13, 2022 at 5:50 p.m Especially in the downtown area : Another Corona demo in Düsseldorf – the police expect traffic delays There is another Corona demo in Düsseldorf. Photo: dpa/David Young Düsseldorf Several thousand opponents of vaccination and doubters of corona measures will probably be back on the streets of Düsseldorf. The police […]

New corona drug from Germany – researchers hope for emergency approval in 2022

Vaccines are the main line of defense against the coronavirus. Another is called medication. Drugs such as “Molnupiravir” from Merck and “Paxlovid” from Pfizer raise hopes. The company has just applied for marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for Paxlovid. The experts at the EMA would now assess the advantages and risks of […]

The Latest News on Corona Patients Increasing in West Jakarta

Jakarta – Case Corona in Krukut, West Jakarta is increasing. Currently, the number of residents exposed to Corona has passed the 50s. Yesterday’s data showed that there were 52 confirmed cases of Corona in Krukut. This additional case was carried out after a mass Corona test was carried out after the finding of one Omciron […]

Raid after corona vaccination scandal in Wemding: apartments searched – SWR Aktuell

The police also searched the apartments of suspects in the region on Thursday because of allegedly false vaccination certificates. A Wemdinger family doctor is said to have issued them. During the large-scale raid, the apartments of around 100 people in southern Germany were searched early Thursday morning, including in the Donau-Ries, Dillingen, Günzburg, Biberach and […]