Thuringia: High incidence of corona in children and adolescents

In Thuringia, the coronavirus is currently detected mainly in children between the ages of five and 14 years. This emerges from an overview by the Thuringian Ministry of Health on Monday. Accordingly, throughout Thuringia in this age group, the number of detected new infections within seven days and calculated per 100,000 inhabitants was 290.6. For […]

Danielle van Aalderen: ‘I suggested Lange Frans to play the whore’

Has that tall one from Diemen now gone too far for good? Oh no. When we have that whole rotten virus completely under control in a while, there won’t be a rooster crowing anymore. But unfortunately it is now causing a lot of division. Lange Frans has joined the group of most outspoken noisemakers and […]

5 Safest Cities in the World After the COVID-19 Pandemic, Any from Indonesia?

Jakarta – The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released its 2021 safe city index. There are 60 city rankings based on 76 safety indicators across infrastructure, digital living, personal security, environmental factors and, of course, health with pandemic preparedness to COVID-19 deaths this year’s data. . Those at the top of the index are Copenhagen, Toronto, […]

Distribution of 620 New Cases of COVID-19 RI 11 October: Central Java 97-DKI 41

Jakarta – As of Monday (11/10/2021), Indonesia recorded 620 new cases COVID-19. The total active cases are now 22,541. Central Java reported the highest number of cases with a total of 97. Followed by West Java with a total of 69 cases and East Java with 47 cases. Development details corona virus as of Monday […]

Life returns to the metropolises

Broadway League am Times Square In New York, too, there is a feeling of having survived the worst. (Photo: Reuters) New York, Paris, London A young reporter falls around the neck of everyone she sees. “It’s so nice to see you all again,” she says. Hundreds of festively dressed people crowd the Brewery in London’s […]

Corona ticker: seven-day incidence higher than it has been for almost three weeks

08:39 am | New Zealand leads Compulsory vaccination for employees in health and education The New Zealand government has announced that health care workers and teachers will be vaccinated. Education Secretary Chris Hipkins said you can’t leave anything to chance. He is also responsible for corona crisis management in the cabinet of Prime Minister Jacinda […]

Malaysia Towards Endemic Phase, Lifts Restrictions on People Who Are Vaccinated Tomorrow

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia will lift restrictions on interstate and international travel. This rule applies specifically to residents who have vaccinated against COVID-19 complete. As reported by Reuters, Sunday (10/10/2021) Malaysia has now achieved the target of its vaccination program, in which 90% of its adult population has been vaccinated. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, […]

How Germany is going into the second Corona autumn | Germany | DW

The “Berghain”, Berlin’s most famous dance temple, is open again. Reportedly, there was the familiar mix of music and ecstasy inside. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, known for his otherwise always warning words about the pandemic, welcomed the move. The opening of the club for genesis and vaccinated people is “great”. There will probably also […]

More mood & money: Football clubs increase audience capacity

Bremen / Dortmund (dpa) – Some hope for additional freed up forces, others for increasing income: While the second division soccer club Werder Bremen is the first professional club in Germany to be allowed to open its stadium completely to spectators again, the clubs in the west are cheering for the green Light for more […]

CDC Says The End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Depends on Humans, How come?

Jakarta – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Rochelle Walensky cannot predict when a pandemic will occur COVID-19 will end. However, according to him this could depend on human behavior. How come? “We have a lot of science today, we have a vaccine,” said Dr Walensky, quoted from CNBC International, Saturday (9/10/2021). […]