Agatha doesn’t fight it! A harsh message to the fathers of their children

In the first series, which was appreciated by viewers at 6%, the influencers from the ranks of TikToku and YouTube presented themselves. Logically, these were rather teenagers or slightly over twenty years of age. In the second series, the production of the reality show decided to loosen the reins of the age limit a bit […]

paid: After Blatechki Dilyana decided: Announce new …

Dilyana Popova is currently in the eye of the storm because of the scandalous story with Asen Blatechki and their alleged separation. However, the beauty once again shows strength of character and desire to move forward despite the hardships of life. The brunette posted a photo on her social network profile, which exuded romance, but […]

WAU! The incredible transformation of the top model Kurková

A black wig, a distinctive make-up were enough, and few would know that Karolína Kurková (37) is in the successful pictures. The Czech top model proves that she is a bit of a chameleon, no transformation is foreign to her, and moreover, as the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor († 79), she looks magnificent! “Wow, don’t […]

Dilyana Popova with first words after the story with Blatechki

The beautiful Dilyana Popova, who is probably heartbroken at the moment because of the drama with Blatechki, still continues to believe in relationships that happen out of love. She herself admitted this to Petya Dikova and was adamant that love is not obsolete, but on the contrary – it keeps two people even after a […]

Arizona Muse, from role model to environmental activist

11 years ago, the now environmental activist and supermodel Arizona Muse, took her big leap into the world of fashion by opening the Prada show in Milan. After several covers, parades and campaigns, quickly became a recognized face in the industry, with five US and international Vogue covers, among other prestigious publications. Born in Tucson, […]

Amazing, This Model Claims To Have Sex With God

loading… COLORADO – An original model United States of America (USA) caused a stir by admitting that he often had three sexes with his husband and God. Nita Marie, 45, from Colorado, USA, claims her husband was not always aware that God had joined them in the bedroom. Also read: Surprisingly, the missile fired by […]