Scientists have developed a new method of contraception for men

New nanomaterials reduce the likelihood of paternity by at least 30 days The use of nanoparticles and magnetic fields opens up new possibilities for controlling male reproductive function. Chinese scientists have developed reversible magnetic contraceptives for men, reports ACS. It is noted that in men, compared to women, there is little choice of contraceptives – […]

Rarely Take a Shower and Change Panties at Home, This is a Danger that lurks – At home alone, many people are lazy to do various things. This includes lazy to shower and change clothes. Even worse, some people are lazy to change their underwear when they are at home. This slovenly habit is of course not ideal and can have a dangerous impact. Panties have a function to […]

Man and lover find wife in line for vaccination – Noticieros Televisa

During the pandemic of COVID-19 Different stories have emerged that have been viralized on social networks due to the emotional, worrying or even curious load, such as the one that supposedly happened in recent days in Brazil, where a men would have been discovered for his wife while accompanying his lover to receive the vaccine […]

Crash in front of the old opera

Ggood evening,Another serious accident caused by a speedster. A lot is still unclear, but there is little doubt that the momentous collision on Tuesday evening near the Alte Oper in Frankfurt can be attributed to the scene in which one does not care about traffic rules and speed limits. Anna-Sophia Lang and Alexander Jürgs researched […]

On the beach in Odessa, people were resting next to the body of a drowned man

Photo: Deceased pensioner on the beach The rescuer took the body of the deceased man out of the water at about eight in the morning, and took him away closer to noon. On the Odessa beach Arcadia The body of a drowned pensioner lay for half a day, next to which vacationers were sunbathing […]

Extra Alert for Adams, Research Reveals Men Are More Likely to Experience Severe Symptoms When Infected With Covid-19, This Is The Main Factor – All Pages Shortness of breath during covid-19 Gridhot.ID – Covid-19 virus infection can infect anyone with different symptoms. However, recently appeared research question Men more likely to experience severe symptoms moment infected corona virus. Apparently it is known that Men are the group that is more likely to suffer from Covid-19 cases with severe symptoms and […]