The Benefits of Dietary Fiber: Lowering the Risk of Gastrointestinal Cancers

[Voice of Hope April 18, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) In recent years, the concept of dietary fiber has entered the public’s field of vision, and is called “longevity nutrient” by many people. Dietary fiber refers to all carbohydrates that cannot be digested and absorbed by the small intestine. Compared with other types of carbohydrates, dietary fiber […]

13 High-Fiber Fruits for Children’s Health and Intelligence

Jakarta – Fiber is a type of carbohydrate found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. There are two types of fiber, the first is soluble fiber, which dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance, slows down digestion and helps lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber, which bulks up stool and helps […]

Banana, a versatile fruit, full of properties, easy to find, inexpensive

Benefits of Banana Many people probably already know that Banana is a versatile fruit. That has a drug effect, whether eating bananas to lose weight eat bananas for diarrhea Eat bananas to cure gastritis Including making a variety of delicious dishes, both savory and sweet And there are also complete nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, […]

5 Risks of Not Eating Vegetables and Fruits

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vegetables and fruit contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for health, especially digestion. The benefits of vegetables and fruit 1. Minimal nutrition Vegetables and fruit provides many vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and potassium. Minimal consumption of […]

Effects on the Body if We Eat Too Much Fruit – Fruit is good for consumption thanks to its function as a source of vitamins, water and nutrition, as well as antioxidants for the body. Fruit can also be a substitute for sugar, especially for people with diabetes or obesity. This is because fruit contains fructose or natural sugar which is safer to consume […]