Despite the Covid, a sparkling Christmas in a New York neighborhood

Christmas shows canceled, trips not recommended, visits to the giant tree at Rockefeller Center timed out: in 2020, in New York, Santa Claus sometimes seems to hold Father Fouettard. But in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood there is a little festive air that even the pandemic cannot ruin. Every year, from the end of November, this […]

10 health benefits that happen to your body when you stop consuming caffeine

10:01 AM Tuesday 05 January 2021 I wrote – Shaima MorsiThere are many health benefits that occur to a person when stopping and living without consuming caffeine, so they must be known to limit their consumption, as mentioned by the “medlife” site.1- Teeth whitening:Caffeine can change the color of your teeth and make them appear […]

5 Things to Avoid in order to Get Quality Sleep

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Sleep is an important thing that everyone needs to do. Sleep nothing but helps the body’s organs to make repairs so as to help balance health our bodies. Therefore, less sleep can cause complications health. Less sleep It has been linked to the development of problems, such as loss of focus, weight […]

Do not do it again .. Damage to sleeping on the stomach

Dr. Sawsan Ghazal, a nutrition expert, presented on her personal page on the social networking site Facebook; Some harm to sleeping on the stomach. Damage to sleeping on the stomach: 1- Increased kidney stones; As those who sleep on their stomach, especially women, are more likely to form kidney stones, so that moving the body […]

Nocturia, Woke up to Urinate to Pee in the Middle of the Night

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Waking up to loud noises, dreams, or alarm sounds may be common. But have you ever woken up as a result of wanting to pee? pee? If so, you should be suspicious of this experience including nocturia. What is nocturia? Harrina Erlianti Rahardjo, Chair of the Indonesian Society of Female and […]

6 Tips for Deep Sleep to Help Lose Weight

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Quality sleep can be one of the determinants of the success of a weight loss program. Sleep is known to help lose weight through several ways. Citing a page Sleep Scope, a number of researchers have shown a link between lack of sleep and increased hunger that can lead to weight […]

Healthy Sleep Patterns Reduce the Risk of Heart Failure in Adults

The participants’ overall sleep quality and patterns were then analyzed by the researchers. These include, duration, insomnia, snoring, and other associated features such as whether they wake up early, stay up late, or are often drowsy, or fall asleep during the day. After adjusting for factors such as diabetes, hypertension, drug use, genetic variation, and […]

Drink this drink before bed and you will lose weight in the morning

8:00 PM Friday 20 November 2020 I wrote – Nour Ibrahim: There are many drinks that are known to lose weight when included in the diet, especially if they are made of healthy elements that benefit the body. One of the uncommon drinks is cinnamon with honey, which is very strong and has an effective […]