5 Most Effective Cholesterol Lowering Fruits

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – High cholesterol is a condition that should not be underestimated. Because this can be a sign of danger and the risk of triggering various health problems such as heart disease, one of them. There are many ways you can do to lower cholesterol levels, one of which is to regulate your […]

New Study Reveals Common Pill Can Lower Cholesterol By 70%

Al-Marsad newspaper: A research team discovered that the soy product reduces high cholesterol and other fat levels by up to 70%. Soybeans were also able to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases such as fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis, which separates the accumulation of fats in the blood vessels. The team looked at 19 types […]

Cholesterol Rises Crazy! Immediately Boil These 6 Leaves

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many people avoid high cholesterol conditions. The reason is, this one disease is quite dangerous because it can trigger a stroke or heart disease. This can happen when there are too many fatty substances in the blood so that they may block blood flow in the brain. In fact, when the […]

Here are 6 False Myths about Heart Health

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – So far there have been a number myths related to heart health, one of which is reducing the intensity of physical activity after being diagnosed with a problem heart. This is certainly wrong because of a lifestyle that lacks physical activity slow killer. Physical activity strengthens the heart, increases blood flow, and […]

Golden Garlic for Cholesterol, is it Effective?

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Golden garlic so it is predicted to have benefits healthfor example as golden garlic cholesterol. What golden garlic? golden garlic is garlic that has turned golden brown in color. Golden garlic it is also known as waxy breakdown. Waxy breakdown is Wax decay is a physiological condition that usually develops after harvest. […]

Bad Effects due to Frequent Consumption of Fried Cabbage

Bandung – Fried cabbage is one of the culinary favorites of many people. Fried cabbage is considered as one of the foods to increase the appetite of the Indonesian people. Besides that, cabbage or cabbage is usually eaten by Indonesian people as fresh vegetables or ingredients for soup. Just like other types of vegetables, cabbage […]