5 Breakfast Menus to Lower Cholesterol Levels, Want to Try it?

SOLOPOS.COM – Almond milk. (Freepik) Solopos.com, SOLO-High cholesterol and its risk can be lowered by making some lifestyle changes, including changing your breakfast menu. There are two different types of fat in the diet that are often referred to as good and bad cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a type of fat that you should […]

Stomach Acid Rises, Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Overcome It!

Sonora.ID – Rise of acid stomach is a common condition that causes pain and tenderness in the abdomen. Usually it will feel like a burning area under the chest. Ascension stomach acid or Gastroesofageal reflux (GERD) often happens to those of us who don’t take care diet and not trying to regulate the content of […]

4 types of exercise that can be done while on a diet

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – So that diet to run smoothly, one needs to balance between eating healthy and sport. Sport is a way that can be done to maintain health and body fitness. Some sports can help you lose weight fast because it can speed up the body’s metabolic processes. With a fast metabolism, the number […]

5 Traditional Herbs for Diet Equipped with Processing Method

1. Ginger Ginger is known as a traditional herb since ancient times. The thermal content of ginger can help burn fat. According to experts, ginger is effective for traditional weight loss, such as controlling appetite, and reducing excess fat in a distended stomach. This ginger concoction is best taken before going to bed at night. […]

5 Foods That Are Good for Women on a Diet, From Spinach to Wheat

loading… JAKARTA – Food which is good for women to consume while running the program diet pretty much. But only a few healthy and balanced foods that fit every woman in her diet. Excellent food is not just for health overall, but also that can actually protect you from a number of diseases. Launching the […]

6 Food Substitutes for Rice for Diet, Safe for Diabetics

Jakarta – Rice has become the staple food of Indonesian people. However, rice contains high sugar levels which are risky for diabetics. Don’t worry, you can replace it with another carbohydrate source. This is also suitable for mothers who are diet. When you eat rice, the carbohydrates in it will be broken down into glucose, […]

5 Choices of Fat Burning Fruits while Sleeping

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of food, including fruit, have the ability to burn fat who can help the program diet for lose weight. Here are some fruit fat burner while sleeping. Basically, the process of burning calories will continue throughout the day, even when you are fast asleep. So, it never hurts to […]

Tips for Gaining a Healthy Weight

TOPSCOOR – Some people may see that diet only applies to those who intend to lower body weight. Turns out, it’s not that simple! Weight is one of the strange problems for many people, both those who have advantages and disadvantages. Just like the weight of the process of lowering the number on the scale, […]

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – If you want to lose weight, change your habits by adopting a healthier lifestyle. you do not have to diet to lose weight. Many people want to be slim to look good. Though, the goal lose weight not just to keep up appearances. More than that, you can be healthier and more […]

Avoid Stroke with the Following Diet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Unhealthy eating patterns can increase the risk stroke. So, it is important to make some dietary changes to prevent this life-threatening condition. A stroke is life-threatening and should be considered a medical emergency. After a stroke, you may need surgery and special treatment and can develop long-term brain problems. You can’t always […]