Drink this drink before bed and you will lose weight in the morning

8:00 PM Friday 20 November 2020 I wrote – Nour Ibrahim: There are many drinks that are known to lose weight when included in the diet, especially if they are made of healthy elements that benefit the body. One of the uncommon drinks is cinnamon with honey, which is very strong and has an effective […]

5 healthy rules to lose weight in winter

Losing weight in the winter is one of the most difficult tasks, when the temperature is low, as the cold weather affects our weight loss in several ways and we become less active, we drink less water, and we move more towards processed foods and sugars and our body gets less vitamin D. Due to […]

how to lose weight by eating everything

Losing weight without making big sacrifices is everyone’s dream, but we know that it is not easy at all, especially due to the hectic pace of our lives, in which it is difficult to find the time to weigh food or count calories at every meal. Today, however, thanks to the “Bianchini Method”, it seems […]

Woman trying to recover from COVID-19 gets virus in Tver | SOCIETY: Events | SOCIETY

A resident of Tver Vera, self-medicating from COVID-19 based on the advice of popular TV shows, contracted the coronavirus and lost her health. This is reported by the edition “Gazeta.Ru». Doctors always warn people against self-medication, including during a pandemic. But despite all the recommendations, people continue to independently choose drugs for the prevention of […]

Is oat milk really healthier than cow’s and soy milk?

In recent years, plant-based milk has gained immense popularity, but oat milk is especially popular with us. Its smooth, creamy flavor and milky texture is the best combination for those looking to replace cow’s milk with a plant-based alternative. However, several questions remain. How healthy is oat milk after all? What are its benefits? Is […]

WORLD DIABETES DAY: Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

PORTALMALUKU.COM — “World Diabetes” DAY is celebrated on 14 November. Diabetes Day aims to raise your profile diabetes and form awareness of danger diabetes to the world community. In 2020, the World Diabetes Day campaign focuses on promoting the role of nurses in prevention and management diabetes. As quoted on the page Worlddiabetesday, “World Diabetes […]

10 Foods That Can Lose Weight Drastically

Jakarta – Low-calorie foods can help you lose weight drastically. What is the list of foods? Food available lose weight quickly can be consumed every day. Not all calories are created equal. Each type of food passes through a different metabolic pathway in the body. In addition to managing portions, choosing the right type of […]

This diet helps you burn belly fat

3:00 AM Friday 13 November 2020 Agencies: Health experts agree it’s fine to have some body fat, but visceral fat is the kind that may pose health risks. Visceral fat is found near many vital organs, including the liver, stomach and intestine. Dr. David Edwards, General Practitioner and Feel Alive consultant, spoke to provide his […]

Healthy Diet, Food Recommendations for Patients with High Blood Pressure

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – One of the easiest ways to treat high blood pressure or hypertension and preventing possible complications is through diet. Everything that is eaten can help relieve or even eliminate high blood pressure. Quoted ringtimesbanyuwangi.com from Healthline, here are some recommendations diet most common but healthy for people with hypertension. Also Read: 7 […]