The happy hormone endorphins can be lifted with the following 8 activities

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. When it comes to happy hormones, usually endorphins are the ones that are most often mentioned. Yes, many people already know that endorphins are chemical compounds produced by the body to help us deal with pain and stress while building positive feelings. However, not many know that the production of endorphins can […]

Stomach Acid Rises Fast, Ulcer Sufferers Don’t Consume 3… – The most common recurrence of ulcers and is often experienced by many people is indiscriminate food intake. So that ulcers do not recur easily and interfere with activities, avoid or limit food consumption, such as: Chocolate READ ALSO: 4 Daily Hunger Delay Foods And Their Nutritional Content Chocolate belongs to a group of […]

History of World Chocolate Day and its Benefits

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Every 7th of July is celebrated as the day of chocolate world or world chocolate day. The observance of World Chocolate Day began in 2009, and some suggest July 7 in particular celebrates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. Citing various sources, this day is celebrated to celebrate chocolate, […]

Adéla Elbel took pictures for Playboy: “Milfs ran out, so they approached me!”

Adéla Elbel nodded at the unexpected offer. The double mother was photographed for Playboy at the age of forty! Adéla Elbel was born in Havířov. Viewers know this versatile woman by head because of her humor, but the sum of their skills is astounding. Elbel is a Czech Dutch and Dutch translator, singer, performer, lyricist, […]

Orange water is very beneficial for heart health – all pages – The heart is an organ that is vital for humans. Therefore, we must maintain heart health by selecting foods and drinks that enter the body. Launch, here is a list of drinks that are good for the heart: Also Read: Find out the Right Way to Cycling for Heart Health here 1. […]

“Sollen Thai Day is at a convenience store”… Unique Product Daejeon-Asia Economy

Valentine’s Day products sold by CU. [아시아경제 임춘한 기자] The convenience store industry has launched a lot of unique products and started to catch special’Sollen Thai Day’ (Solution + Valentine’s Day). GS25 launched a Valentine’s Day collaboration product in partnership with Kakao Friends, Amon Earth, and Malangi. ▲ 7 types of Kakao Friends ▲ 4 […]