Without drugs .. Foods that increase sperm strength for men

7:01 PM Monday 07 September 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi Low sperm count is often associated with zinc deficiency or deficiency of essential vitamins, so making some dietary changes can be a smart way to increase their number and strength. The site “motherandbaby”, the most prominent foods that help increase the strength of sperm […]

Conad brand dark chocolate withdrawn: plastic fragments present

The Ministry of Health invites customers not to consume the product for any reason and to return it to the store to replace it or receive a refund. Through a press release published on its official website, the Ministry of Health reported the recall of the product “Dark Noir – 72% cocoa extra dark chocolate” […]

Tony’s Chocolonely opens its own restaurant in Amsterdam

Dutch chocolate producer Tony’s Chocolonely opens a chocolate restaurant on Wednesday in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The new dream destination for those who can’t get enough of chocolate is right next to Tony’s Chocolonely’s shop, in the center of Amsterdam. The Chocolate Bar’s menu includes chocolate burgers and cake, as well as savory […]

American Chocolate Withdrawal – DinSide

According to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the products are imported from Sweden and distributed to a variety of stores in southern Norway, writes Nations. The importer is required to improve their routines so that they do not import illegal genetically modified products to Norway. No genetically modified foods are approved in Norway as of […]

these chocolate makers who deliver at home throughout France

Chocolatiers-confectioners-confectioners are among the basic necessities that must remain open during containment at the request of the state. Some of them, however, decided to stop production and close the shop, to protect the health of their employees and customers. Others have chosen to remain open and / or offer online sales. Here is a selection […]

What helps against annoying cravings?

Cravings come in powerfully – and often when you want to lose weight. What does the body really need in such moments? Those who resort to the right hunger brakes will lose weight more easily. Cravings often have little to do with real hunger. When the body runs out of energy, it likes to cry […]

Does dark chocolate decrease the risk of heart attack?

With just eating 15 grams a day you can reduce the risk of having a heart attack Avoid eating chocolate, either black or with milk, for fear of causing illness or gaining weight You shouldn’t worry anymore. Multiple scientific studies have shown that this delicious product has health benefits. According lavanguardia.com, a recent study published […]

Fine chocolate reduces up to 85% its value to enter the heart

With an offer of less weight and striking presentations, it is how fine chocolate hopes to resume its double-digit growth in sales this February 14, an opportunity that Mars, Ferrero and Nestlé do not waste. “The expected growth for this year in the subcategory of fine is greater than what was the past (year), it […]