Nasal Alzheimer’s Vaccine; US hospital prepares clinical trial

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Clinical Investigators from Harvard Medical School, in the United States, are preparing the trial of a nasal vaccine designed to prevent and delay the progress of Alzheimer disease. According to the official site of the hospital Hospital Brigham and Women’sOver the last 20 years, research on Alzheimer’s disease has been developed […]

The production of DDR5 memories is already suffering from a chip shortage

Suppliers are in serious slippage if we can believe the latest rumor. Intel Alder Lake processors introduction and with the launch of the Z690 motherboards, the generational shift may finally begin, but there are indications that the DDR5 memory required for this may prove to be a shortage in the long run. A 12chip for […]

Smartphones can be better with new memory

Samsung’s first-generation development offers a rate of 8.5 Gbps, which means 32 GB / s of bandwidth per channel. At the same time, dissipation, or consumption in common parlance, also decreased, by about 20 percent compared to LPDDR5. According to the South Korean manufacturer, thanks to the 14-nanometer bandwidth and advanced encapsulation procedures, up to […]

Natalia Gross misses her father. She showed a touching photo on his birthday

On Saturday, singer and actress Natálie Grossová published a social media article in which she recalled her father, the late Czech former Prime Minister Stanislav Gross. He succumbed to an insidious disease in 2015 and, as can be seen, Natalia still misses her father a lot. Were it not for a serious illness, on October […]

The following are early symptoms of dementia, apparently not memory loss

PR TASIKMALAYA – Dementia is one of the disease which attacks brain function so that sufferers experience a decrease memory and slowing down of thinking. Although it is often associated with senility, it seems to have decreased memory not symptom first of disease dementia. Reported from the Express page, to find symptom the beginning […]

Zelensky honors memory of those killed for Ukraine

Photo: The first persons of the country laid flowers at the Wall of memory of the fallen The President, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prime Minister and the Head of the President’s Office laid flowers at the Wall of Remembrance of those who died for Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday, August […]

State flags will be lowered in Ukraine

Photo: Unsplash The sunflower was chosen as the symbol of this day as the personification of grief for the fallen defenders of Ukraine Ukraine honors the memory of those who gave their lives for its independence and territorial integrity. On Sunday, the State Flags of Ukraine will be lowered throughout the country at the administrative […]

Corsair reveals that his DDR5 memories will need better cooling

Data transfer from memory starts at 6400 MT/s and goes up to 12600 MT/s George Markris, marketing director gives Corsair, presented on the company’s program Tech Talks that the next generation of memories DDR5 it will be bigger the better and too much for Mr. Incredible… I mean, hotter than the current ones DDR4. A […]