Corona Protests: The Orchestrated Anger | Germany | DW

“I would shoot myself if I were you!” Yells an angry woman. Again and again. A chain of policemen with helmets and baton stands shoulder to shoulder in front of her. Police vans have cordoned off the street. One hundred officers are on duty. There is no getting through at this point for those taking […]

7 Ways To Lose Weight Fast Enough With Walking

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Want to have a body which and ideal? You just walk. Maybe some people don’t believe an activity as simple as walking can lose weight. There are so many myths surrounding exercise including that you have to really sweat for exercise to be considered beneficial. No wonder walking is underestimated when […]

Hundreds of unauthorized corona protests in Erfurt

Several hundred people protested against the state corona measures in Thuringian cities on Monday. According to a police spokesman in Erfurt, around 650 people took part in an unregistered “Corona walk”. Many had candles with them. They didn’t wear mouth and nose protection. According to the police, the protest was “peaceful and largely undisturbed”. Call […]

Ganglioneuritis: Problems Walking | – guide

Status: 14.12.2021 9:54 a.m. Ganglioneuritis is an inflammation of the ganglia and the nerves exiting there. People have difficulty walking and difficulty putting one leg in front of the other. As the control centers on the spinal cord, the ganglia are responsible for evaluating the information provided by nerve cells about where which part of […]

He stabbed a pedestrian and beat the Hungarian Olympian in the nose

He was hit but not seriously injured Helebrandt Máté, writes Blikk. The 17-year-old athlete, a 32-year-old walking a 50-kilometer walk at the Tokyo Olympics, told the paper that he and his wife were driving home on the way it was already dark when a couple passed the road in front of them but not at […]

4 types of exercise that are effective in lowering bad cholesterol in the body

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Exercise can help to lower and stabilize cholesterol levels. These 4 types of exercise are effective in lowering bad cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol can be the cause of various serious diseases. Also Read: Lower blood sugar! This fruit juice is good for diabetics Therefore, man needs to maintain the stability […]

Walking Can Burn Double Calories, Here’s How

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Walk legs are the easiest exercise to do, can be done on the way home from work or deliberately do it on another day. However, many are still reluctant to make walking a routine exercise, only as a complement. The reason, burning calories is relatively low compared to most other sports. According […]

Penguins in Basel Zoo take a walk outdoors – SWR news

When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees in the morning, the penguins at Basel Zoo are happy. Because then they can go out and waddle from the cooled vivarium to their outdoor area at 11 a.m. sharp. The king penguins are the first. Gentoo penguins have to wait until all paths have been cleared, because […]

When will Procházka see the title battle with Teixeira? Negotiations have already begun

Jiří Procházka is back home from the UFC. What about the title match with Teixeira? Surprisingly, forty-two-year-old Glover Teixeira won the battle for the semi-heavyweight champion and should be Jiří Procházka’s next opponent. In the next title duel. “The biggest difference was that Glover wanted it so badly. It made him feel like he […]

Another hairstyle change! Meet the title chance with a colorful palm on your head

Czech wrestler Jiří Procházka will fly to Abu Dhabi on Saturday morning, where he will play the role of a substitute in the title battle between Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira. Even before his departure, the Czech wrestler managed to change the traditional nickname Denisa to BJP, and of course the change of hairstyle could […]