How not to repeat mistakes in self-isolation

As exhausted as you are from the pandemic, say no to the children Although most of us repeat that we have already played this, staying home with children again because of the coronavirus poses new dangers. Tolerance of both children and parents is far less than at the beginning of the pandemic, and therefore the […]

Marie Lunde refused the five-year-old screen. It had unforeseen consequences.

Today’s Childhood: I refused the five-year-old screen. It had unforeseen consequences Marie Lunde asked the five-year-old to put down his tablet and go out. Then he disappeared. The son had his own secret plan. Text: Marie Lunde Photo: Private, Pixabay This is a comment and expresses the writer’s own opinions. Mom, can I play Sonic […]

Angers. Family conference: parents also have homework to do

Clémentine remained very good all morning. She is not very old, however, six months at most. Tight on Anais’ heart, sucking here, dozing there. In the town council room, open for the occasion, she listens to the debates of this conference of families with a very distracted ear. It is necessary … .

The parents killed their two children in Varna

The two young children aged 1 and 4, who died after a fire in an apartment in Varna’s Vladislav Varnenchik district, may have been killed by their parents. Investigators are currently working on this version, BLIC has learned. The mother and father allegedly killed their heirs and then started the fire to cover their tracks. […]

Putin crossed the new “red line” / GORDON

This came up in connection with Dobrokhotov’s departure from Russia and the arrival of FSB officers with a search to his parents. The editor-in-chief was put on the wanted list on September 30 by the Russian security forces in the case of illegal border crossing… The violations were allegedly “identified and documented” in August. “This […]

Corona infection at work – occupational disease or accident at work?

When is the corona infection considered an occupational accident or occupational disease? Christoph Herrmann: It always has to be such that it cannot be ruled out that I got infected at work or on the way there. The infection must be proven at least with a PCR test. It is important that I have been […]

In China, they began to sew microchips into the uniform of schoolchildren

Фото: Getty Images Chinese schoolchildren As part of the experiment, parents and teachers will be able to track the location of their children in real time. As an experiment, an elementary school in Zhuhai, China, began to sew microchips into the clothes of schoolchildren to track their movements. It is reported by France Info. The […]