This is the sad reality of a mother with chronic pain

The morning before my 4-year-old daughter, Hannah, and I went to Philadelphia, she carefully chose her favorite stuffed animal, her coloring books, and her bathing suit. Instead, I chose the most appropriate medications to make sure I got enough sleep, but not enough hours to be groggy if my daughter needed me in the middle […]

Learning aid via Instagram: Mathematician helps homeschooling with his account

The good news at the beginning: Math can be learned, math can be conveyed, even if you do not have any natural affection for the numbers. At least that’s what someone who should know says: Dr. Hendrik Simon, a qualified mathematician, textbook author, teacher trainer and dyscalculia researcher and therapist. The 42-year-old, who lives with […]

Andrea Cerioli and Arianna Cirrincione soon parents? The words on Instagram

Vip moms and dads of 2021 Andrea Cerioli e Arianna Cirrincione, beloved couple born in the studies of Men and women, they just celebrated their second engagement anniversary. Things could not be better for the couple, as can be seen from the words of the former tronista on Instagram. A dedication full of love that […]

Schools and daycare centers in Düsseldorf are planning for the second lockdown

January 8, 2021 at 7:15 am Paid content: Educational institutions remain closed : Schools and daycare centers in Düsseldorf are planning for the second lockdown <!– <!– <!– A schoolboy solves his schoolwork at home on the laptop (symbolic picture). Photo: dpa / Ulrich Perrey Düsseldorf Schools and daycare centers will be closed until the […]

2020 the year we all live in danger

Last year, how would I say “Your gracious majesty“Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, was a”Annus Horribilis’; we never want to go back to. In this horrible 2020 we have all had to learn to live differently than we were used to. The past year has been described by some as “the worst year of […]

Juniors |

#Love The story is that we met one younger person through Facebook. Nong said to talk to us for the first time.That is, around August 2018. But at that time, we had a girlfriend, so we didn’t talk to the younger brother, and disappeared for 2 years. In the past November, she greeted me again. […]

In South Tyrol ok Christmas dinner with close relatives – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, 21 DEC – Bars, restaurants and shops closed, hotels open, but only guests who stay overnight can use their services; freedom of movement throughout South Tyrol; curfew from 10pm to 5am; It is allowed to celebrate with grandparents, parents, children and partners, but with a strong recommendation to keep the number of […]

A 6-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his older brother. – Univision 23 Dallas

Fort Worth, Tx- Fort Worth Police are investigating an incident involving a gun between a pair of minors. According to officials, the boys are brothers and were allegedly playing with a firearm when the 10-year-old boy accidentally shot the other. The events occurred at the Woodford Ridge apartment complex located at 6004 Oakland Knoll Drive […]

Corona in NRW: Laschet questions Christmas church services

The structure of the 53 CoronaVaccination centers in NRW is meanwhile on the home stretch. The country NRW had directed the counties and cities that Centers operational by December 15th set up. In the Essen vaccination center, which with twelve vaccination routes is one of the largest in NRW there will be a test run […]