Skin Autoimmune Patients Can Take COVID-19 Vaccinations, As Long As…, Jakarta For autoimmune patients, COVID-19 vaccination may be a concern. Questions regarding when and whether it is permissible to take vaccinations often arise in skin autoimmune patients. “One of the questions that often arises regarding skin autoimmunity is about when and whether the patient can be treated vaccine COVID-19. Of course it can be […]

Easy Recipe for Itchy Skin Disease or Psoriasis by Doctor Zaidul Akbar

DESKABABLE – Do not take lightly itchy skin. If left unchecked, it is not impossible to get an infection, it can even cause much more serious problems. In some cases, psoriasis can cause several other conditions such as, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure. To treat itchy skin Psoriasis, a preacher who also professed as […]

5 Causes of Itchy Hands and Feet, Including Diabetes Symptoms – When itchy hands and feet occurs, proper treatment can help relieve complaints. However, how to treat this itching really depends on the cause of the problem. Causes of itchy hands and feet maybe just dry skin which can be caused by winter weather or too much scrubbing. Also read: 9 Causes of Itchy […]