5 Things You Must Do After Eating, From Drinking Hot Water to Avoid Cold Food

PR CIREBON – After eat, must do some things like drink air warm and avoid food cold one. Drink air warm and avoid food cold is good for the process digestion after eat heavy. Do some things after eat can also avoid interference digestion like bloating. Also Read: 11 These Foods Should Not Be Consumed […]

Regularly Consume These 5 Foods So You Don’t Get Sick

Jakarta – Some foods have a healthy benefit from their nutrition. These five foods are even said by experts to prevent disease and keep your body healthy. Dense activity, less than optimal rest until the change of seasons often threatens the health of the body. There are so many diseases that can come bothersome when […]

So That The Benefits Are Not Lost, Here Are 4 Ways To Eat Fruits Properly

Suara.com – Eat fruit is a healthy habit, but still many people consume it in the wrong way. This can prevent you from getting the most out of the vitamins and minerals present in fruit-fruits. That’s why it’s important to eat fruit the right way to get the full benefits of its content. Here are […]

5 Choices of Fat Burning Fruits while Sleeping

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of food, including fruit, have the ability to burn fat who can help the program diet for lose weight. Here are some fruit fat burner while sleeping. Basically, the process of burning calories will continue throughout the day, even when you are fast asleep. So, it never hurts to […]

4 Health Benefits of Regularly Consuming Coconuts

loading… JAKARTA – Most of the food What we consume has benefits for the health of the body. As well as coconut . Almost all parts contained in this fruit are useful for humans. In coconuts there are properties that have a direct impact on body health such as protein, potassium, vitamin C, and calories. […]

Does Eating Fruits and Vegetables Lower the Risk of Corona Virus Infection?

Suara.com – A new study finds people who eat a lot fruit and vegetables have a risk of infection corona virus Covid-19 lower than those who undergo diet not healthy. Based on data from more than 590 thousand adults surveyed, the researchers found that people who vegetable have a 9 percent lower risk of being […]

3 Important Things to Remember When Losing Weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – One of the biggest problems many people have experienced during a pandemic is body weight which is increasing. With limited movement and only working from home, most people have gained extra weight during the pandemic. Losing this extra weight can be a daunting task. The problem arises because when losing weight, most […]