“He told me bankruptcy is not a shame.” Witness: A McDonald’s agent tells the story of his dispute with the former Minister of Human Resources regarding the decision to resettle restaurant managers

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Prince Mishaal bin Khalid bin Farhan Al Saud, General President of Riyadh International Company, the agent for McDonald’s restaurants in Saudi Arabia, narrated the story of his disagreement with the former Minister of Human Resources due to the decision to resettle restaurant managers in the pre-Vision 2030 stage. appointment localization Prince Mishaal bin […]

10.3 trillion dirhams, the value of wire transfers through UAE banks within 10 months

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: the value of transfers made in the banking sector in the country has increased through the Emirates Remittances System.UAEFTS/ for over 10.3 trillion dirhams in the first ten months of last year. Statistics on banking transactions, issued by the Central Bank, showed that the value of transfers made through the Emirates […]

You should prevent your comrades with poetry • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Former Kuwaiti lawmaker, Walid Musaed Al-Tabtabaei, has sparked controversy on social media, after he demanded that Kuwaiti artist Shams be banned from entering the country and held accountable for his visit to Israel and Palestine . Al-Tabtabaei wrote, via his Twitter account: “In an actress or singer named Shams, who visited the Zionist […]

Casablanca Stock Exchange indices rise by the end of trading on Monday

direct: The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed trading today, Monday, with a rise in its two main indexes. The MASI index rose 0.91% to 9,806.32 points, gaining 88.33 points. The Morocco 20 “MSI20” index rose 0.9 percent, to 782.33 points, a gain of 6.95 points, compared to its trading in the previous session. The Casablanca Stock […]

Prince Harry reveals the strange behavior of his family members that tarnished his reputation … and explains the secret of his escape to California

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Prince Harry revealed a surprise about what his family members had done to discredit him, saying his family members collaborated with the devil, ‘yellow journalism’ to improve their reputations at his and her expense wife Megan. Prince Harry has said he fled Britain with his family to California in 2020, ‘fearing for our […]